texas cowboy muffins-6

Texas Cowboy Muffins

I don’t know if you remember the Presidential Election of 2000 or not, but chances are if you were around at all, you might. Well, that was a crazy time for sure, but do you remember the Cookie Contest? I do.  Because those Texas Cowboy Cookies that Laura made are blindingly delicious.  No matter what […]

The Right Way to Store Natural Peanut Butter

how to store all natural peanut butter-3

Is there a “right” way to store natural peanut butter?  Well, maybe I won’t totally draw the line in the sand on that one, but I have found a “better” way. A way that makes it oh-so-much-easier to stir it. First off, you should be eating all natural peanut butter.  It’s so good. Not to […]

Creativity Unleashed Week 57

4 totally awesome DIY Projects from some DIY Rockstars!

Hi there, my BOLD ones!  I’m so happy it’s Thursday night.  Thursday nights are great nights for unleashing your creativity, aren’t they! First, Congratulations to our MEGA Rockstar from Creativity Unleashed Week, Wine and Glue! Does this not look amazing!  Yummy.  I might have to do a gluten-free version soon! Now on to the amazing Rockstars: […]

Quick and Easy Smore Parfait Recipe

frozen yogurt smore parfait-8

Hey guys!  I totally wasn’t going to post this until tomorrow, but I just got an email from my host saying that they would be migrating my site to a new server tomorrow.  I didn’t want to leave you hanging on what I was doing with my GF Graham Cracker Crumbles, so i decided to […]

Gluten Free Graham Cracker Crumbles


If there is one thing I miss about eating gluten, it’s graham crackers…. with peanut butter or smores!  I LOVE smores…  {suck it up, Gwen… suck it up} I’ve got a delicious treat to share tomorrow, but I need to show you how I made these “Graham Cracker” Crumbles I’m using it.  The boys loved […]

Gold Foil Printables Triptic

framed fold foil printables-5

As the snow falls, the work continues!  Or at least it tries amidst the hungry tummies and wet snow boots and cold fingers needing extra mini-marshmallows to top off their hottest of hot chocolates. But what I’m really here to say today is that the framing of the Gold Foil Printables is complete!  Actually, it’s been complete […]

Washi Tape Coke Bottle Bud Vase {a quick and easy craft!}

simple bud vase from a glass coke bottle-9

When I was making this gorgeous $5 bouquet the other day, one of the stems broke off….darn it! I figured I’d have to keep it for myself.  Hate when that happens… like when those three cookies break, and you have to sacrifice for the good of all mankind and put them in your belly? Yeah. […]

DIY Washi Tape Bag Clips

washi tape bag clips-13

I didn’t grow up with fancy chip clips.  I think I might remember us wrapping a rubber band around them… maybe. If any of my sisters are reading this, perhaps they can jog my failing chip-clip memory. Anyway… Now, OUR family has fancy chip clips.  I say “bag clips” in the title because these work for more than […]