Saturday's Letters: The Pinched Edition

Saturday’s Letters: Hooray for Me!

Dear Saturday: Hooray! I’m not laid up in the bed today! Your brother last week saw me gritting my teeth and binge watching Netflix. Today, we are going to party. Well, not so much party as clean up the porches and taxi kids to the Y for Saturday swim practice. But Hooray for me! Sometimes […]

How to get the eggshell out of your eggs… EASILY!

how to get the eggshell out of your eggs

We’re big egg eaters over here. And when I say big, I mean like each and every day of the year.  Believe what you want to about eating a lot of eggs, but our doctor said it was fine, so I’m going with that. Otherwise, I’d just eat  strawberry frosted pop-tarts every day. Being gluten-free […]

Creativity Unleashed Week 64

The amazing Rockstars from Creativity Unleashed Week 64

What a week!  I’m finally getting back to my regular self.  I was down with a pinched nerve in my neck for what seemed like forever.  If you haven’t ever had a pinched nerve, it feels like someone has stabbed you in the neck with a serrated knife and raked it down your arm while […]

Salted Caramel Butter Toffee Trifle

salted caramel butter toffee trifle-16

This Salted Caramel Butter Toffee Trifle is probably one of the best desserts I’ve ever had.  I could sit down with a giant-in-the-sky spoon and a dump truck filled with this trifle at a world-wide trifle eating contest and win first, second and third place. (if i ate sugar. sigh) But that doesn’t stop me […]

10 Ways to Shake Up Your Home and Make It Your Own!


When I walk into my home, I want to feel at home.  I don’t want to feel like I’m bound by “resale” and “builder grade” options.  I know there may come a time when we will have to move, but I refuse to think like that.  I do sort of keep it in the back of […]

Saturday’s Letters: The Pinched Edition

Saturday's Letters: The Pinched Edition

Dear Saturday: I’m so glad you are here!  I know I used to write to Friday, but things have changed and I’m going to try out writing to you.  I really miss sharing random stuff here on the blog, and since it’s my blog, surely I can do whatever I want. Right, right?  Yes. So […]

How to Freshen Carpet – Naturally! No Harsh Chemicals or Smelly Cleaners!

all natural air freshener-6

If you have pets or children or human people living in your house and have carpet, then you know it can get a bit ripe… as in stanky.  Sometimes, I just want to rip up all the carpet and toss in the yard for the birds to pick at and carry away! I much prefer […]

Creativity Unleashed Week 64

Creativity Unleashed Rockstars Week 63

Hi there, my BOLD one! It’s Spring Break over here and I’m chillin’ like a villain in a breezy, white pavilion! But, I am ready to party. Are you? First, Congratulations to our MEGA Rockstar from Creativity Unleashed Week Premeditated Leftovers! Does this Raspberry Bark not make your tastebuds zing? Now on to the amazing Rockstars from […]