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Hot and Spicy Baked Sweet Potatoes

I love sweet potatoes.  I could eat them in a box and with a fox and on a train and in the rain. I could eat them baked, roasted, fried, with butter or just plain. But these Hot and Spicy Baked Sweet Potatoes are my bff.  They hit all the spots on the tastebud scale! […]

Creativity Unleashed Week 70 {and the most wonderful parents a girl could have!}

rockstars week 69

Whew! I just got home last night from a wonderful visit with my parents.  It’s been over a year since I’d seen them, and I couldn’t stand it any longer! So I hopped on a plane last Saturday and spent a few really relaxed and refreshing days chatting with my mom and getting woodworking advice […]

12 Beautiful (and FREE) Gold Foil Printables

12 Beautiful (and FREE) Gold Foil Printables for decorating and list making!

I LOVE making printables.  It’s such an economical and fun way to decorate! I realized the other day that I’ve make quite a few Gold Foil Printables, so I thought I’d round them up all in one post and share them with you guys. 1. Gold Foil Geometric Heart Printable 2. Gold Foil Climb Every […]

Super Quick Way to Peel A Kiwi

quick way to peel kiwi-3

Holy moly, we love kiwi’s.  But I don’t love peeling them. Or at least I didn’t until I figured this little trick out! I used to actually “peel” my kiwi’s with a potato peeler, but it took forever and it kept me from buying them.  But now, I just use a spoon!  It’s fast and […]

Quick and Easy 3 Mint Planter

3 mint planter-4

Y’all, I have to confess, I’m SO not good at keeping green things alive. I do okay with some small pots, but that’s about as far as I can go. So the best thing for me is to do is to just stick with some of my very favorite herbs. I LOVE MINT.  I love the […]

Creativity Unleashed Week 69

week 68 rockstars

Welcome to week 69 of Creativity Unleashed!  It’s been such a busy week with wrapping up school activities, field trips and getting ready to go see my parents.  I’m ready to dig in and see what YOU have been up to! But first, I’d like to welcome a fabulous new co-hot, Kelly from Here Comes […]

DIY Chalky Finish Crates

chalky finish crates-12

You know what makes my day?  Besides greeting smiling faces at the door after a long school day? Getting stuck into some DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint.  It’s me-time sqaured and rounded to the nearest tenth. This morning I was hankering to put my mark on something and I realized that these three crates which house […]

Swedish Fish Teacher Gift and free printable

swedish fish teacher gift-9

How does time work?  I mean, really.  The more years I’m on earth, the faster they seem to go. So, it feels like school just started yesterday and now, here I am making teacher gifts!  Yikers. Let’s think of fluffy chickens for a second, mkay? Oh, they cheer me up every time! But, I’m actually […]