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DIY Geometric Cedar Planked Wall

Oh, y’all.  I can’t believe I finally get to share my Cedar Planked Wall to day.  All the days of my days have I ever, never attempted such a thing. Man.  I can’t even begin to tell you.  But I’m seriously going to try.  Here we go. It all started when I saw Mandi’s floor […]

Creativity Unleashed Week 83


  Hi guys!  I hope you’ve had a great week.  I just went and got my hair chopped off…again.  I have to say, I really like it short.  But Brendan?  Not so much.  He was kind of upset at me.  But he’ll survive.  Not having to really fix my hair in the mornings is amazing! […]

Sunshine Burgers

low carb sunshine burgers-6

Before we get to my favorite new food obsession, I have to tell you that I just dropped my iPhone 5C and cracked the entire screen. Not just a little corner that’s barely noticeable. It’s like 34 plumbers bending over to fix one leaky faucet. Crack for days. I cannot tell you how many times […]

DIY Fabric Bookmark


I love to read, but I feel like a bum lately.  I seriously can’t remember the last novel I even read, so if you have a recommendation, I feel a session of binge reading coming on and would LOVE to hear what you book you’d recommend. To get me ready, I took a few minutes […]

Creativity Unleashed Week 83


Welcome to this week’s party! Let’s get right to it! This Week’s MEGA Rockstar First, Congratulations to our MEGA Rockstar from Creativity Unleashed Week 81, The Sweetest Digs! Check out her winning entry: IKEA HACK: LATT TABLE AND CHAIRS Now on to the amazing Rockstars from week 81! IKEA Hack Latt Table and Chairs – The Sweetest […]

How to Protect Your Walls When Removing Nails – a quick diy tip


Today I was taking down some nails so I could put up a Command Strip to hang my apron, and I thought I’d pop in and share this little tip about how to protect your walls when removing nails. It’s so simple, and you won’t have scratch marks on your wall from the hammer when […]

How to Trap Fruit Flies


Have you ever had a problem with fruit flies? OH. MY. BUZZING. EARS. I really haven’t until now.  I started home brewing Kombucha, and they came out of nowhere like little invaders from the tiny planet of Drive Me Crazy! And Kombucha and fruit flies are not a good combintation, so I had to figure […]

20 Ridiculously Simple After School Snack Ideas Kids Can Make Themselves


As we are gearing up for school, there has been something weighing on my mind. The After School Snack. Dun-dun-dun. I seriously have such a hard time keeping things interesting when it comes to snacking.  I end up just buying the same things over and over and over and the boys get a bit sick […]