Free Printable Christmas Hats in 3 different fun patterns

Printable Christmas Hats

Christmas is the time for all things special. It’s like the world stops and everyone and everything is good and kind and all shades of beautiful…Even that annoying, long-toothed dog of yours who chomps every breakfast napkin left absent-mindedly on the table. {by your sticky-fingered offspring who never, ever use them. Humph.} {But, at least I get […]

Super Cute Christmas Bows

super cute christmas bows-3

I was sitting here this morning thinking about how blessed I am.  No, my life isn’t perfect. But that’s the perfect thing about it.  It’s just like yours.  There are ups and downs and sideways as I travel through life. Just like you. So, that’s my random thought as I sit here and write this […]

Indie Craft Sampler Fun!

indie craft sampler

Hey there, my Bold ones! Have I got something amazing here for you today… It’s not a tutorial or craft of my own, but a very, very cool new service from Indie Craft Sampler. What the heck-a-doodle-doo is that? you ask. You know those box services for nature snacks? It’s like that, but with cool […]

Printable Elf Hats: Get Your Elf On!

Printable Elf Hats

Christmas time is such fun, isn’t it? All the singing and laughter and cookies and candy. Especially the cookies and candy, am I right? And what would Christmas be without some light-hearted whimsy? That’s why I’m bringing to you some super cute printable elf hats! You might think they look more like crowns, and that’s ok. […]

17 Free Printable Christmas Games


My boys may be growing up, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still like to have fun!  I mean, we are Mad LIbs freaks and come this time of year, it’s super fun to pull out our monster tablet of Christmas Mad Libs. There is absolutely nothing like a good Mad Lib, right? Today, I […]

Printable Christmas Game: Who Am I?


Hey there, my bold ones! I’ve got a fun Printable Christmas Game for you today! Remember those Who am I games where you write a character on a sheet of paper and stick it to your friends back and then they try to guess who they are by your saying that they are so tall […]

The Best Cricut Explore Price All Year!


Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals on Cricut! Holy Crafting, my bold ones!  I just wanted to share this amazing deal on the Cricut with you! This is the best Cricut Explore price you will see all year. If you want to get one for yourself or to put under your tree, now is the […]

Funny Friday: Cats Make Me Laugh


There is something to be said for laughter.  I like it a lot.  I think I’ll do more of it. And since this is my blog and I write it, I thought I’d share a funny videos that made me laugh this week. Cats are always great food for the laughing soul. If you are a […]