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How to Save a Painting Disaster!

Oh, y’all.  Have you ever thought you were going to have a complete meltdown? I’ve done my fair share of painting things, but my piano… MY PIANO! If you’ve been following along on Instagram or in my weekly updates, you’ve seen sneak peaks of foyer and piano updates, but what I didn’t mention was how […]

Quick and Easy BBQ Ranch Salad Dressing


I don’t know about you, but if I come across something I like, I tend to get hooked on it and eat it everyday for three months.  Do you do that? And this salad dressing has me obssessed.  I came across the idea when I started buying chopped salads from the grocery store, and one […]

Creativity Unleashed Week 75


Welcome back to week 75 of Creativity Unleashed!  It’s been nuts around here with Morgan out of town.  He usually shuttles the boys to morning swim practice at 6am, so I’m missing him terribly this week! And the crazy thing is that I’m a morning person… maybe just not a 5am morning person! But enough […]

DIY American Flag made from Dip-dyed Coffee Filter Flowers – plus 5 more Sensational Patriot Projects from the DecoArt Core Bloggers!


Hi guys! Today I have a much anticipated (in my  mind) project to share with you.  And, not just my project, but a total of 6 Sensational Patriot Projects from the DecoArt Core Bloggers! I’m so privileged to be a part of this amazingly talented group, and I’m certain you are going to be inspired by […]

10 Delicious Treats You Can Make with Basil


I was out watering my plants today, and lo and behold, my basil was bezonkers! By mid-June, my herbs are usually shrouds of their former selves and squeaking by on raindrops and hope. But not this year.  I’ve remembered to water my babies, and they are all thriving. So I went in search of basil-oriented ideas and thought I […]

How I Changed Our Financial Life with These Three Simple Steps


Money.  Gotta love it, right? It’s Ok.  I do, too.  I have to be honest, I’ve never been friends with financial matters. I was the kid in the candy store with scorched pockets.  When I was in college, I seriously didn’t have a clue. I’d stick my unopened bank statements in a box and just slide […]

How I Taught Myself to Design and Develop WordPress Websites


This post contains affiliate links to a few of the resources that I love. I’m not sure if you guys know it or not, but I design my own site and have since I started blogging almost 4 years ago.  I even had a small business doing it for a couple of those years but have […]

Creativity Unleashed #74 and a Giveaway from Duluth Trading Company!


Welcome back to Week #74 of Creativity Unleashed! You might notice a few changes around my online digs. I did some tweaking this week… created a new hand-lettered logo, changed my sidebar a bit, and went with an all white background. It think it feels a little fresher and more modern. What do you think? […]