Creativity Unleashed Week 34

Hey all you party people! Here’s a little fun before we get started… Haha!  Dosen’t that just make you smile? Now, let’s party, yo. Here’s a slippery dog Friday to my co-hosts: Keri @ Shaken Together Jessi @ Practically Functional Jocie @ One Project Closer Jacque @ The DIY Village And here’s what we’ve all been […]

Smooth and Creamy Pomegranate Breakfast Shake

pomegranate breakfast shake-2

This shake for breakfast thing could seriously start a revolution.  Can you imagine how happy the world would be if, when everybody woke up, they were greeted with a smooth and creamy breakfast shake to start their day. World peace would ensue. I’m doing my part.  This smooth and creamy Pomegranate Breakfast shake puts a […]

Letters to the Rockstars of Creativity Unleashed Week 33

33 Collage

Sometimes, I have a lot to say, and sometimes my brain just goes quiet. Do you have that happen to you? I’m sitting here ogling this week’s Rockstars and I’m just speechless! {but not quite… read on.} Dear Nicky, I’m on a sugar fast right now, but I’m having illicit dreams about your Chocolate Caramel Sorbet! They […]

5 Simple Tips to Boost Your Energy Level


In November of 2012, I woke up one day and realized that I was flat out EXHAUSTED. I felt as if I were walking through life with my arms and legs strapped with 10lb weights. Life was not easy. Everything little thing, from dishes to laundry to just being with my family was such a […]

Peace Heart Bleach T-shirt

bleach t shirt-6

At the end of eight grade, way back in 1986, when big hair wasn’t quite big enough, I went to my first, honest-to-goodness boy/girl party. Or was it my second? Nonetheless, there were girls there, and there were boys there.  And I was so wanting to be super cool and hip and trendsetting. So, I […]

Vampire’s Dream Sparkling Water

vampires dream sparkling water-2

Halloween is coming. Oh, I know it’s a bit early for the creepy crawlies, but I’m throwing caution to the wind because I love this Vampire’s Dream sparkling water and don’t want to wait another month to share it. So, forgive me.  But you can pin it for later, right? So there’s that. Vampire’s Dream Sparkling […]

Number 1 Time-Saving Dishwasher Loading Tip


There are things that I’ve known all my life. Like how making your bed everyday makes your room feel lighter. But for some reason, I resist it.  I’m totally working on that. And I’m starting with this little time-saving dishwasher loading tip. So are you ready, McFreddie?  Ok.  Here it is. When you load your utensil […]

Creativity Unleashed Week 33

week 33

So… the boys are back in school. {boys are back in school} Hey, yeah. Hey yeah. {watch the video below and maybe that will make just a little more sense!} And I’m ready to party-arty! Brendan is.  It’s his tenth birthday today.  Howz that for crazy?  My baby is TEN!!!! He’s about 4 in that picture […]