Handmade for the holidays: A Step in the Journey


Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs…

And these from

A Step i the Journey

would make some awesomesauce gifts for the Holidays!

If you know someone that is a travel NUT, this canvas map would be perfect!

Oh the places we've been

Oh the Places We’ve Been

Not a World Traveller?  She has one just for the States!


Oh, the Places We’ve Been: United States

Laura even has some, ahem, Auburn and Alabama signs, but this REBEL of a girl refuses to show you those… you’ll just have to pop over to her Etsy shop if you want to see them…

Take a second and visit Laura’s Blog, too!


Getting there?  The Holidays will be here before you know it!



And so the BOLD ones say...

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    What a really cute idea! I love maps….and these are adorable! Thanks for sharing!


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    Oh my goodness! These are incredible! What a fun way to make a map…I’m going to have to check out the Alabama ones, Gwen!! How dare you not show them here! ;)

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      Arent’ they fun! I love them all!!!

      I do love my Bama friends, but I have my limits!!! Ha!

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    What a cute idea! I’ve got one something like this, but this is much cooler – going to have to re-do mine just like this!