Down to Earth Style and a Smack Down…

I sit here today and shamefully write this post. as I owe thanks to several bloggers that have so graciously honored me with awards.

I should take this head of mine, find a hole and and bury it in the sand.

I should sit in a corner and have a time-out…

hmmm…that actually sounds like fun…a break…except I’ve been using my break time lying in the bed with swollen tonsils for too many days.

Anyway, enough about my woes and on to the Thanksgivings…

I’d like to thank Holly from Down to Earth Style

 Down to Earth Style

for awarding me with the Versatile Blogger Award.


She called me funny!  Do you know, I’ve never considered myself funny…and I don’t now.  I’m weird and I write pretty much whatever pops into my head…and fortunately, most of the time, it comes across funny…I think…And Thank the Good Lord, cuz I’d hate for it to come out as freakish and insane. {shhh…funny, think she’s funny…}

If you haven’t met Holly, go over there now and roll around in her fantastic blog for a while…it will soothe your weary soul.

See?  See what I mean?  She took out the old builder’s island and made her own!  Click on that picture up there to be transported to her house tour page…it’s delicious…like hot fudge…mmmmm….gimme the
whole jar…

I often go over there for inspiration and to dream what it would be like if I could go on some sort of medication and decorate my house. I say that cuz I often visualize beautiful spaces like Holly creates, but they must go through some kind of Dr. Suess machine…for when they come out, I end up with a colorful mess. Erin knows what I mean…

I know there are some other wonderful, amazing, creative, generous blogger who’ve awarded me with this and other awards and I should be smacked for not posting my gratitude…so if you are one of those wonderful, amazing, creative, generous bloggers, come and smack me down in the comments below and I’ll write up a beautiful post about how wonderful YOU are and how I suck need to be better at this…

What the BOLD ones say:

  1. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper says

    funny… um, yeah. funny. that is exactly what i think. 😉

  2. DearHelenHartman says

    Well, thanks for pointing the way. I'll go over and give a peek. I think you're funny. Most of the time I don't mean odd. 😉

  3. Holly says

    What compliments! Thanks Gwen… your blog is always fun to read. You make people happy with your silliness. Thanks! I love reading The Bold Abode.

  4. Janel@hatingmartha says

    Oh you know I love this post! And thanks for linking and the shout out!

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