Friday’s Letters: Week 9


Dear Friday:

I so do hope you aren’t cold and grey like your sister, Thursday. I want to get our Sun on and have some fun outside!

{in my dreams…that’s how I look…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz}

My skin is sickly pasty from winter. And, besides… if you didn’t get the memo….

It’s SPRING…yo.

Dear Giant Planters:

Gee… I thought I got a great deal on you at that auction…But when I was in Home Depot last Sunday, I saw your twin and it was FIVE FREAKIN’ DOLLARS CHEAPER THAN YOU.  And now you go and get a monster crack down your side and giant chunks are falling off your butt.


You were NOT as good of a deal as I thought you were. Sheesh.

Boo on you.

Dear God:

Why you gotta make it human nature to whine?

I can’t take anymore high-pitched voice crying out the injustice of writing ONE freakin’ sentence!

Can we just go back to Creation and make it innate to be a handwriting-fool?


Well…just thought I’d ask…


Dear Photoshop:

We’ve only just begun…


Dear Shannon: 



I know it’s been a while since you left this comment on my Friday’s Letters…

Friday’s Letters Episode 7 - Google Chrome 4192012 114440 PM.bmp

but, dang girl,  I just want you to know I get up out of bed every morning, go down on one knee {sort of}  and shout out to the world that you think I’m a “Supah Star”…

What a gift you gave me…

Dear Social Icon Font Maker Person:

You just bleepin’ changed my blessed life.

Free social icons fonts - FontSpace - Google Chrome 4192012 114735 PM.bmp

Dear Thistle:


You just couldn’t possibly know…  The words get all mixed up in my over-stimulated brain, and they just won’t find there silly way to my tingers… I mean, my finger-tips…

I’m still reeling from that post you wrote this week.  I will never forget that crazy day.  I’ve framed it in my head and hung it in my heart so it never, ever flies away.  I shall pull it out from time to time, when I’m not feeling so awesome, and let it remind me of that moment when I was…{at least, in your eyes.}

Your soul is a well-spring of unfathomable beauty, and I’m freakin’ blown to Timbuktu that your spirit would find even an iota of kinship with mine…

Dear Life:

Sometimes you suck.  Sometimes you shine.  Sometimes…you just are.

But through the steep mountains and the deep valleys…and the straight boring plains… I’m glad you are here.

Let’s keep walking along this less-traveled way for as long as God allows.


Dear Bleeps:

Do you know what Bleep even means?  Sometimes I wonder if you think I’m calling you a bad name… 

But I’m not… it’ means Blog Peeps… you’re my peeps…from my blog…

Blog + Peeps = Bleeps…

I hope that makes sense cuz I’m not changing my name for you…at least not until I can think of something more amusing…



Today just might be the day.
But, you’ll never know if you don’t get out there and


Now, let’s hook up,  yo.




What the BOLD ones say:

  1. says

    dear gwen, every friday you make me laugh, you make me think, you make me smile. thank you.
    dear god, ditto.

  2. says

    dear gwen, your letters are works of art. if i could give you a prize in person, it would be a giant hug followed by a pretty man that is a tech genius. then we would go down to the beach and party while the pretty man does techy stuff and schooling stuff. cause you are awesome, and work hard, and deserve the best!

  3. Abbie (Five days...5 ways) says

    Dear Gwen,
    You are a flippin’ genius, and I love Friday Letters. Keep ’em comin’, girl!

  4. says

    You know, I’ve wondered about the “Bleep” thing for a while – appreciate the explanation.
    Amen to the whining comment, but it concerns me that they still whine past the age of 3….really? I thought it stopped sometime during the Terrible 2s or something. damn. They really don’t have a vaccine for that yet? damn again. I’ve seriously considered earplugs. seriously.
    Finally, you’ve never seen pasty white-ness until you’ve seen my pasty white-ness. My 18 month old daughter, whose skin has never seen the light of day without sunscreen….she’s darker than me.

  5. says


    Sweet wonderful funny Gwen. I was gone out of town yesterday and I woke up first thing to read your Friday post and I saw ME! I love it……I love it that I made Friday’s letters! You know what’s funny. I read the post so slowly so I don’t miss anything (kind of like opening a Christmas present) and sometimes I re-read a part… when i scrolled down and saw “thistle”….

    … heart smiled :)

    Have a great day rock star.
    :) me

  6. says

    Don’t lie, G, you’ve secretly been calling us #&@%&?}%#’s this whole time. The 8 year old says “beeeeeeep” whenever he really wants to say bad words, so I never read “bleeps” as “beeps”. You just keep that L in there or I’ll know! You so funny – spit my coffee when I read that your planter was losing chunks off his butt! Have a great weekend! ~L

  7. says

    First I admired the black bikini body and thought…. my imagination isn’t even that good anymore to think I look like that. Then I read about the planter with the monster crack and chunks falling off it’s butt, and I’m like yeah, my imagination is good enough for that one. I resemble the planter.


  8. says

    Can every day be Friday plz? I don’t like waiting an entire week to read your ramblings :) I’ve even started composing things in my head for my own Friday Letters. Sucks about the non-deal, but I’m so glad I’m your bleep!!

  9. kitblu says

    I’m OK with being a Bleep … or a follower … or a fan. That’s me … for you.
    Happy day … happy BOLD day!

  10. says

    It’s Saturday nigh and I am just reading your Friday letters..the only good thing about that is that now I have one less day until next Friday’s letters!! I SO HEAR you on the handwriting whining syndrome. We seem to suffer from a case of that in our house too! And, I am honored to be a Bleepie! And just so you know…I now address many inanimate objects in my life with a mental letter. Thanks. Really. I mean it. It keeps things, humorous and in perspective! :)

  11. says

    How did you get that pic of me in my black bikini? I wish the paparazzi would leave me alone!

    Love your shout out to your bleeps (I may have to steal that)! Shannon & Kari are definitely supah stars (picture me in a cheerleading outfit doing the wave)!

    Those social icons – thanks for the tip off – think that just may very well change my life!

  12. Johnc612 says

    Enjoyed examining this, very good stuff, thankyou . While thou livest keep a good tongue in thy head. by William Shakespeare. egeacbadakbf

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