Hangin’ Out and talking Cash (no, not Trash… Cash)

And here you all thought I was going to tell the rest of the mirror story…

I will.  Tomorrow.

But today, Hating Martha and I have a little chat to share.  After goofing off just a tad, we ended up talking about blog monetization.

Now, there are a lot of opinions about making money from your blog.  I haven’t made much…at all… but I know some that have and some that do.  Anyway, here we are…


Dern Google Hangout.  Or Internet Connection…

Anyway, it was fun hangin’ with Janel and hearing all her secrets.  Like how she gets 15 offers a week from Social Spark.  She’s just kidding yall… she told me it’s more like 15 a month.

Do you make money from your blog?  Do you even want to?

Start a party down in the comments and give us all some info, yo.



Today just might be the day.
But, you’ll never know if you don’t get out there and


Thank you for reading my blog.
Now, let’s hook up, yo.



What the BOLD ones say:

  1. says

    Oh my god you two just kill me! So I have ads from Livit and Rivit on my sidebar and they maybe give me anywhere from $15-50 a month … I’m sure if I moved them up further I’d get more. I get nothing from Google. Seriously, not a single payment yet.

    I recently joined BlogHer and they do have restrictions. Like the ad has to be “above the fold” and they do offer sponsored posts (haven’t done anything with that yet so I don’t know what it pays) … it’s still new so the jury is still out on the payout. Basically I’m not going to get rich off my blog anytime soon ….



    • G-Dawg says

      Ha! Thanks, Linda! It was really fun to do…

      I’ve not heard of Livit… but it sounds like you are least making something from what you are doing! Google ads stink. That’s just the truth.

      I haven’t looked into BlogHer, but I have heard about them. It’s all trial and error, I think.

    • G-Dawg says

      haha! Me, too… In it for the adulation… At least if I don’t make any money, I can have the adoration of millions… eh, hundreds, eh… a few crazy people like you…

      Or maybe just a creative outlet. Yeah, let’s go with that.

  2. says

    Gwen, I want to circle you but I can’t find you! Sorry, that just sounds weird. What I mean is… i want to add you to my G+ circle but I can’t find you on G+. Do you use your name or your blog name? I loved your video with Janel!

  3. says

    Well, I don’t make anything off of my blog. I don’t really want to though as it would REALLY mess up my taxes. We’re heavily taxed up here in the great, white north and the amount that I would likely make would not pay for the hassle that it would cause.

    Your video is just too, too much fun. I’ve GOT to learn how to do that C:

    • G-Dawg says

      Taxes. UGH. Don’t remind me… though I know mine are not as bad as yours, girl!! Yes. Get your VIDEO ON!!!

  4. says

    Nope, no intention of making money from my blog.
    Not with ads or plugging products, anyway.
    I’m in the “other” camp that you mentioned.
    I’ve heard too many stories of too much work for little gain.
    I think your moneymaker will be custom blog design, GwennieLoo.
    It’s just a matter of time before you have more work than you can handle!
    Fun video.:)

    • G-Dawg says

      Seriously too much work for relatively NADA. Keep on doing yo’ thang, girl… Yes, I’ve made more doing blogs already than I probably ever would, could or should on this here puppy…

      Thanks so much for the encouragement! I’m having a blast and there is SO MUCH TO LEARN. YO.

  5. says

    I love you both! I could not stop laughing with all the staches, beards and nearly pee’d myself (TMI?) when you popped on the pirate hat!

    I set up a google ads account and had it shut down after about a month for ‘suspicious’ activity or whatever their lame email said. I had NO idea what they were talking about and when I inquired about it I flat out got a ‘sorry account closed’ reply. No explation…nada. SO let’s just say Google can suck it. I have no plans or desire to try and make $$$ now, that may change in the future if I can ever get myself organized. Too much on mah plate yo!

    • G-Dawg says

      Those dern Google accessories are nuts! I hear ya about the plate. I can’t keep all of the veggies in line. Guess I should put some marshmallows on there, too. Just for fun. ha.

  6. says

    Hey Gwen! My “Master Plan” was to make BIG money from my blog – HA! The aforementioned comments are “right on the money” – pun intended :/ Google ads are certainly not what they are cracked up to be, as I originally thought. I prayed the $$ would start rolling in (insert insanely hilarious laughter here) No payout til you hit $100?! I’m at a whopping $10.83. Nope, can’t buy my 2012 BMW just yet. I’d love any wondrous advice you and the others could give out.

    • G-Dawg says

      Google Ad stink. I just went and they said I had 507 page views in the past 30 days. WHAT? That is such BS. I’m at $14.15. WHOPEEE… NOT.

  7. says

    I’ve been writing for a buck (and not much more) for a lot of years so the blog is pure fun… but I am fascinated by the idea of pro blogging and monetization and growing readership and whatever it takes so I can keep blogging away.

    • G-Dawg says

      Yup. You are the pro around here. I don’t ever envsion my being a “pro-blogger”… that requires WAY more discipline than I have!!!

      You’d best keep blogging… I need the laughs!

  8. Holly says

    Hey Gwen! I surely don’t have a blog…I just read yours for laughs!! I think you should have your own talk show!!! You are funny and real. hugs…ps: maybe I’ll see you around the pool this summer…alex is on the swim team.

  9. says

    Hey Gweniloo!! Loved the video – tooo funny! I loved the glasses on you too! I have google adsense on my blog but not making much money on it – that’s fo sho’!!! They should call it ‘google absence’!!! Absence of profit!!! Am really interested to hear more of your tips on how to make a few sheckles on the ol’ bloggio, so i will be waiting to see more of your hat-filled videos!! Heather :)

    • G-Dawg says

      Seriously… Google Absense!!!! They said I have 507 pageviews last month. They are CRAZY! Whatevs!~

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