How to Turn Off the Water to Your House

A couple of years ago, I was picking up the ridiculous amounts of clutter in my office and I walked to the corner of the room and stopped.

I literally froze when I felt my foot step in something gross and squishy!  It was an unexpected, and super-unwelcome surprise.

The back wall to the office sits next to the guest bath, and I immediately knew something was wrong. My brilliant brain told me that my feet should not be wet while standing inside the house on my carpeted office floor.  Genius, I tell ya.

I pretty much immediately knew what had happened.

We have a waterline in the wall between the two rooms that goes outside to the water spigot.

The pipe had burst and was slowly leaking water out into the floor of the office and the wall in the bathroom.  Slowly.  Who knows how long it had been leaking!

What to do? What to do?

Turn the Water off!

How?  Do you know how?

Where is it?  What do you do?

Well, now I know.  And I’m sharing this to encourage you to GO FIND YOUR SHUT OFF VALVE!

Like, it’s important.  Seriously.

You need to know where your shut off valve is and how to turn off the water to your house!

Beth says they have a quick shut off valve in their basement.

Melissa and Ashley say their main shut off is located in the front yard under a pot-hole type thingy. {thingy… they sooooo speak my language.}

My main turn off valve is in the garage by the door opener.  Convenient, eh?


We have a little door that you open to access it.


See the valve?  There it is!


Just turn the lever!


Mine goes up, but your’s might go down.  Find it and see how your’s works.



So, what to do if your inside water valve fails?    You might have to go to the street to shut it off.   That’s where Jacque said they have to shut theirs off.

Now, how in the blarney heck do you do that?

One Project Closer can show you how to turn off your water using the main cutoff valve on the street.  Go find out.  Go and learn.

Then come back over here and tell me you did it.  That you  know where your shut off valve is and you can now turn your water off if you have an emergency.

Then, I’ll be able to sleep peacefully at night now worrying about you, my BOLD ones!!!


What the BOLD ones say:

  1. says

    I am so jealous that you have a shut off in your house! Like you said ours is at the street … we have turn the water meter off to shut off the water to the house. But hey knowing is half the battle! Great info!

  2. Dona says

    I know where mine is! at the front faucet in the yard! This is a GOOD post, kiddo. Bet there’s bunches out here who don’t know and it IS important! You is da best! Dona

  3. says

    Ours is in the Garage, conveniently hidden behind some stuff we have stored in there… ha! We have a main shut-off at the street as well.
    When I was in college I came home to a flooded garage and partially-flooded downstairs after the water heater failed, so this is a good reminder!

  4. says

    You’re so right about how important it is to know where it is! Ours is out by the street in one of those “thingys.” I cringe at the idea of having to turn off our water since we found a snake out there once!

  5. says

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