I totally forgot…

How did I forget to show you this?  Of course, you must want to see me in all my make-up free glory, dontcha?

Love my videographer?  He’s a hoot

And that Green Machine in da flo’… that’s there cuz the Hot Shot regurgitated his lunch.  I HATE cleaning that mess up! Thank the Heavens Abode for the Little Green Machine!

 Hopefully, he doesn’t have a sock stuck down in there somewhere…

My favorite part is that the memory card was so full, it shut down and I didn’t get to go on and on and on about my purdy bowls…

That’s probably yur favorite part, too? hmmm…The End?  Hahahaha…

Oh, how sad is it that I can get SO excited over mixing bowls?  I hear you…I hear you tellin’ me I must GET A LIFE…

But don’t lie…you’d be giddy, too..

Wouldn’t you?

Today just might be the day. 
But, you’ll never know if you don’t get out there and 

Thank you for reading my blog.

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What the BOLD ones say:

  1. Janel@hatingmartha says

    The camera skills are stellar!! Your accent is stinking adorable, as you are! And those bowls…super cute! I see why you went ape over them. Especially considering the before bowls. Fun!

  2. Meg @ mrcandme.blog.com says

    those bowls are gorgeous – I was swooning over them in your last post too! :)

  3. Jenni says

    I would have gone on and on about new mixing bowls myself – probably in about the same fashion. I might need ta git me sum bowls too. My husband thanks you (NOT)! =) <3 u, Gwen!

  4. Andi @ Jane of all crafts says

    haha! I love those bowls! they are incredi-bowl har har!! adora-bowl? And what a cute pup!! Do you like your little green machine?

  5. Tina@WhatWeKeep says

    Who was having the most fun? You or your video man? Love the laughing.
    xo, Tina

  6. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper says

    your camera man is awesome! and i LOOVE those bowls and am pretty excited about them, too.

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