A Coke Bottle Craft: Message on Some Bottles

bottle craft

Some days! Do you all have them, too? And this day?  This day called for a Coke Bottle Craft… yes, it did.

If you happen to have two boys that are five and a half years apart, you’ll know exactly what I mean.  I think I’ll rig some sort of small lapel device to record me saying, “Please, stop beating on each other!”  You know, like the ones they have in the insane greeting cards that the kids play over, and over, and over until you’re climbing the walls looking for a crack to crawl into…

We all deal with these days in different ways.  My hubby, he jogs.  Me.  Well, I guess it’s starting to come out in my, umm, art stuff I make.  I must be getting desperate.

I was working on another project and I ended up using the old coke bottles to hold some mini clothespins I was painting.  This Coco-cola bottle craft soon became a message to my boys.  A message on some bottles, yeah…

Oh, please, please, please  Love. One. Another. Please.

I know, Dr. Dobson. They’re just boys.

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