No Mo’ Wonky Bows! DIY Bow-maker…

The BANE of my creative life…bows.

They always turn out crooked and uneven.

And U.G.L.Y… kinda like Fergie’s daughters’ hats…

Come on, girls…you could have any hat in the universe and that’s what you decide to wear to the Prince’s wedding?  Puh-leeze!

Honestly, would you wear either of those hat?  Yes?

I’m so sorry…for you.

Anywhats…Somewhur in the back of my over-cluttered brain a commercial of yester-year surfaced…Remember the EZ Bow Maker? I bet you have one ‘a these, Ashley..what with that HUGE stash ‘o ribbon yur workin’…

Well, I didn’t have one of those…but I had some wooden skewers and some left-ovah 1x2s…and a drill…and some time ta kill…sorta.

How ‘bout it?


Knot too shabby?  hahahaha…Here’s how I fashioned my very own bow maker…

18″ spare 1×2
2 wooden skewers-ya know, like you stab shrimp with?
a 5/32 drill bit

ummm…that’s it…

Step 1.  Get all brilliant and decide to figure out how to make a bow before you try and fail miserably…again…

Step 2.  Pull out a spare 1×2 and cut it to 18”…be even more geniusy and measure it first…


Step 3.  Fire up the trusty Jig saw and slice away…but not your fingers… Oh, and be sure to recruit yur 12 year old to model for you…That way you look like you have smooth, wrinkle-free, youthful hands…


Step 3. Find the center and mark out 1” increments from there…


Step 5.  Drill a couple ‘a holes smack dab in da middle a’ dat bow maker…a 5/32 drill bit fits those wooden skewers like a slinky, tight red dress on Paris Hilton…


Step 6.  Tap those skewers in lightly..they’re not sturdy dowels…hmmm…

{they work just fine anyway…}

Yur very own, DIY Bow Maker…

Stay tuned for the double-bow toot-toot…

Linkin’ up if Christmas isn’t runnin’ me ragged…


What the BOLD ones say:

  1. Just this... Alice says

    You are a genius! That is the next best thing to a whole box of chocolates.

  2. Thrifty Crafty Girl says

    I would never have thought to make a bow-maker for myself… you are brave in ways I am not. I can't wait to see all the bows you make with this!

  3. lauren @ our big fat farm wedding: crazy ever after says

    I used to be the bow making diva when I worked in the floral industry. I made sure every poinsettia didn't leave the shop without a pretty fluff of ribbon attached to it. I think I could still make a bow in my sleep. Haha.

  4. Aimee says

    Love that idea! I'm so needing help in the bow department and hello, it's here!!! Thanks girl!!! As for the Yellow Snow…I was hoping someone would go that route!!! LOVE it!!! Glad you kept me company tonight! Visit again tomorrow and link up to my linky party, okay! The details are on my rightbar!

    XOXO, Aimee from ItsOverflowing

  5. Rosemary@villabarnes says

    I agree with you. Those hats look like aliens. Love your bow, and the tute.

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