Rock it out, 2012

Buh-bye 2011…and good riddance.

You’ve been decent enough, I guess.  Toward the end, you really began to shine.  Your baby days were a bit rough, though, and overall, I’m happy to bid you adieu.

Goodbye 2011


And so I say 
You may make me another year older, but that’s O.K., cuz older means wiser, right?  I just hope you’ll be kind to me, my fam and all my peeps.  If you haven’t heard, baby New Year, this world is still a bit upside down, and we could use a little break from some of this crazy upheaval .  So, I do hope you’ll spread some good cheer round this year. {And maybe, bring down the stinkin’ gas prices a bit while your at it…}
So, Here’s to a New Year and a New Start!  Doesn’t it ROCK that we get this opportunity to begin again?
What’s on your list for ’12?  I’m not a list maker, but I have some ideas floatin’ ’round.  One of which is to just plain be better.  Oh, and to stop being all whiney and complainy…
I’m going to tattoo this on my face so when I start down that road, I’ll remember to quit it.
OK. I’m not tatooin’ anything on my face, but I might use a sharpie and write it on my hand…both of them.

And yall, you can help keep me on my tingers..I mean toes… Start to hear me throwin’ a pity party or get all two years old up in here, you have my permission, NAY, my imprimatur {that means approval…no I had to look it up, but I like big words…don’t you?} to call me on it.  Take me out to the proverbial woodshed and whip my behind.

So, Let’s ALL be Awesome this year.


And 2012 will ROCK.

Who’s with me?


What the BOLD ones say:

  1. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper says

    i am already awesome, so now i have nothing to work on. 😉 ha ha! kidding- i totally agree- let's all be awesome people, and more importantly treat each other with awesome respect and grace!

  2. blackheartbetty says

    2011 was the stink stank and I am glad it is gone! Cute little blog that you have here! Happy New Year =).

  3. lauren @ crazy ever after says

    Harpy Nur Yur, Gwensta! Loving your outlook on this new year filled with so many new opportunities. :) :) :)

  4. Amy of The Salvage Collection says

    really? ya think you could get any awesomer than you already are? sheesh….you already set that bar so far above my head i can hardly spy it among da fluffy clouds. i'm hafta buy me a rocket ship to keep up wit you, my bloggy friend.

    off to whine. a little bit.

  5. Junky Vagabond says

    That is my new Mot-To – gonna start being awesome…right now! Well, that might be a bit ambitious as it's 9:30 at night…tomorrow for sure!

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