The Rockstars from Creativity Unleashed Week 15: 4 amazing DIY ideas!

Did you ever wish you could take 4 brains and fit them into your tiny 1 brain skull?  Just shove them in through your ear canals and quadruple your DIY Genius power?

Yeah. That’s how I felt this week!  And I’m pretty sure you will, too when you see these Rockstars.  I’m 100% panda-bear positive, in fact.

Voting is open for The MEGA ROCKSTAR!  Come vote for your favorite DIY Project and help them get the win!

First, check out this super-cute House Number sign!

If Dr. Seuss had a whirl-wind romance with Elle Woods and ran off to Elvis’ wedding chapel in Vegas to tie the knot and bought a house in Oz, this would be perfect for them!

Or me. Cuz I think it’s the cutest house number that has ever been made in the history of house numbers.



Go check out this super-cute House Number Sign from The Happy Scraps.  Tell her that Dr. Seuss approves.

And so do I.

Now, how about this delightful Upholstered Bench!

Since spring has decided to play a mean-spirited game of hide-and-seek over here in the great Commonwealth, I’ll just have to live vicariously through this smack-me-in-the-face-with-gorgeousness fabric!

MyLove2Create, pin

I do believe that My Love 2 Create has given me a chill or two with this DIY Upholstered bench.

I might just have to put on my warm, fuzzy red robe while I write this.

Did someone say Greek Key Tray?

I’m listening.

Is that gold I see?

Now I’m grabbing a five-gallon bucket to catch all the drool that’s running profusely down my chin.

ikea tray makeover

Two It Yourself keeps letting her light shine…

And this Greek Key Tray is shining brighter than the blinding sun on the white sandy beaches of the Florida Panhandle!

Sweet deliciousness in a glass

Now, this is one for those summer days drifting away…

And maybe those summer nights, too.

Oooo-oo-ah-oh… those summer nights.  A-wella, Mom on Timeout… You had me at Raspberry!

This Acai Raspberry Slush has me dreaming of those carefree days at Rydell high…

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Let’s Vote!


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Ooo… I can’t wait to see what you guys think!

Did you see last weeks Rockstars?
They were da bom!

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