Shake off your shackles…live in the clouds…literally.

Tired of those boring homes that sit so flat on the ground? Tired of having the same ole brick structure that everyone else has?

Do you feel the need for a change?

It’s not too late!  You, too, can have one of these gravity defying homes.

Stand out from the crowd and shake off the shackles of this earth!

You could have this Upside-Down House…

 Upside-Down House (Syzmbark, Poland)
This upside down design seems totally nonsensical–but that is exactly the message the Polish philanthropist and designer, Daniel Czapiewski, was trying to send. The unstable and backward construction was built as a social commentary on Poland’s former Communist era. The monument is worth a trip be it for a lesson in history or balance.

Or This Floating Castle…

Supported by a single cantilever, this mysterious levitating farm house belongs in a sci-fi flick. It’s claimed to be an old bunker for the overload of mineral fertilizers but we’re sure there’s a better back story . . . alien architects probably had a hand in it.

What about a real-live Tree House?

It’s not THAT far off the ground…

Yo, Amy, talk about havin’ to squirrel away fo’ da winter…

 Extreme Tree House (Irian Jana,   Indonesia)
The Korowai and Kombai clans carved out clearings of the remote part of the low-land forest to make way for these extreme tree houses. Unlike the typical tree houses that are nestled in branches, these dwellings are perched on the tip tops of the treesfully exposed to the elements. But we aren’t sure what’s scarier a strong gust of wind or the ladder they use to get up there.
Photographer: George Steinman

And my personal favorite…

A round, free-swingin’ orb. 

Gives new meaning to the song…’Just a swangin’

Free Spirit Houses (British Columbia, Canada) 
These wooden spheres can be hung from any solid surface (tree, cliff, bridge, etc.) and are accessed by a spiral stairway or a short suspension bridge. A web of rope grasps onto a strong point, essentially replacing the foundation of a conventional building. You can anchor points on the top and bottom to prevent swinging or just let it loose and enjoy the ride.
Photographer: Tom Chudleigh

Time to live a little.
Think outside of the box. 
ummm…Yeah, right…
I may be BOLD, but I ain’t crazy…

Hmm?  What did I just hear you say? Try sayin’ that in that little comment box down thur…

What the BOLD ones say:

  1. Julia @ 551Eastdesign says

    That last one reminds me on the fort in Disney's Swiss Family Robinson! Do people really live in these?!

  2. Amy of The Salvage Collection says

    where do you find this #%$@???? squirrels would have to tie me up and drag me to the top o' that treehouse 'cuz being high in the sky ain't my thang. nu-uh. scary.

    the upside-down house? is that fer real?????

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