Solid Color Only Tote Challenge

Sorry, Funny Gwen’s not here today.

Today, there will be absolutely NO MONKEY BUSINESS allowed.

None whatsoever.

No, not even of the cutie-cute variety…
Nope, not even a teensy-weensy, itty-bitty bit…
This is serious buisness…

Keren and Rikka {co-hosts} and Jill were entering a Solid Color Only Tote Challenge and I decided to join in this serious contest of sewin’ skills.


The Guidelines:
PROJECT:  Tote bag
THE KICKER:  You must use solid colors only, no prints!
TECHNIQUES:  Use at least one of the following:  Applique, Reverse Applique, or Patchwork. 
{O.K. so I used Madeira Applique…hope that counts…}
VOTING:  A Polldaddy poll will be set up to determine the winner.
PRIZES: Winner(s) will receive bragging rights and a snazzy button!

Not just any snazzy button…This snazzy button…

So…Contest…be serious…

But Wait…if memory serves me right, there was a Don’t, I think…Yup, found it…

The Don’ts:

  • There is only one don’t:  Don’t take this too seriously.  We’re here to socialize, learn and have fun!

Whew!  Thank the Baby Jesus!  I didn’t think I could last a whole post and be serious…

AT ANY RATE… {geez Gwen, get serious}

So, in true Bold Abode Style, I started mine Yesterday

Hahahaha…yup. Yesterday.

Figured if the Project Runway victims contestants get 24 hours ta make a whole stinkin’ Avant Garde Outfit, surely I can make a tote in that…

That’s what I was thinkin’ last night at 2:00 in the morning…zzzzzzzz

Sa, sorry. Dozed off there for a minute.

As I was sayin’ before I so rudely interrupted myself…

It’s fairly easy if you have some water soluble thread.

Which I didn’t.
Nuff said.
But, I made do, yall!

My Madeira Applique Skirt Tote Bag

Madeira Applique skirt Detail

She’s wearin’ a little White Cotton Pique and some Soft Baby Blue Handkerchief Linen.

And as much as I LURVE the white and blue, I couldn’t let it rest.

Just had to add a few Bright Orange POW Buttons in the little Windows…

And popped on a bright ORANGE Grosgrain ribbon…just to deck out her waist a smidge.

{in the little dream-world utopia that I live in, I had planned to thread it through the apron like a belt, but, alas, it was Wonky-fried-chicken-time…so just had ta Make It Wurk..}

You’ll notice she’s a bit of a tease.  She likes ta get around…

And Around…

And around…

And Around…
And Around…

But nevah mind… I think She’s a keeper…
So I guess I’ll put up with her 
flirtin and skirtin….

Cuz…dernit… she just looks so sweet sittin there…in that orange dining room… in front of those vintagey poolin’ curtains that I’m going show you soon…when I get my new camera…

Yup. That’s right, honey…pull out that wallet and get ready to pay up…

That or get ta marryin’ some folks…cha-ching…

What the BOLD ones say:

  1. Ricochet says

    I love your style in both bag making and writing! Excellent tote and super funny post. Thanks so much!

  2. Kristin Gee says

    She sure is a sweet little thing, you did a fab job and in no time! Amazing!

  3. Thrifty Crafty Girl says

    You are hilarious. Truly. I think that I'm hilarious too, so we should consider taking our stand-up act/blogging on the road. We'll be millionaires by morning.

    Love the blog!

  4. Kari says

    Love your bag and LOVE your fun style! Not to mention, funny! New follower!

  5. lauren @ our big fat farm wedding: crazy ever after says

    Oh Gwensta, you make me giggle. Always. :)

  6. Junky Vagabond says

    So cute! Love the color combo…oh, and the voting isn't up yet(?) Unless I missed it somehow…I'll keep checking back to vote!

  7. Hollie - TheSevenYearCottage says

    I love me some Madeira applique… beautifully done!

  8. Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating says

    Girl my Tigers are hot so I got to flaunt it while I can! Love the tote bag BTW, youre an excellent seamstress. Going vote now!

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