It’s not fear that holds us back.

It’s how we choose live through it.

Below, you’ll find some of my thoughts on living a no-holds-barred, one-of-a-kind, destructively beautiful life.

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Abiding in Boldness

Living in fear is never fun.  So let’s take a hold of it, size it up and stick it in our pockets…

On Fear

Fear  keeps you looking back and dwelling on the past, which only immobilizes and frustrates.

The only way to move forward, to grow, to bloom is to trust your gut…to reach down in your soul and find the stout-heartedness to believe in yourself and your dreams.

What the BOLD Ones Do

You didn’t plan on having this momentary delay.

But what do you do with it?  Are you going to let it keep you from your destination… that place that you’ve planned for and packed for and BOLDLY set out to find?

Wake Up and Touch Joy

Live your life.

The truth is you only get one chance.

So, do it. Now.

Are You Taking THE Road?

In this moment, the moment that it takes for you to read these words that I sit and type here at my plastic, grey speckled, round-on-one-end desk, someone is facing a decision.

Maybe it’s you.

The You that is You

 There is no one quite like you…

Be YOU…in your mind,

and your strength,

and your heart.

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