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helping Warm Hearted Women Overcome the Overwhelm!

Hi! I’m Gwen Whitfield

LIfe is stressful enough without shouldering the burden of being perfect.

I guide warm-hearted women in their quest for a more organized, cleaner home and a more productive and vibrant life.

Creating powerful routines and cultivating a deep sense of self-compassion have changed my entire reality. Let me help you change yours!

When the doorbell rings UNEXPECTEDLY, do you find yourself hiding behind the curtain until they go away?

Not gonna lie… been there done that. But thankfully, there’s another way!

What would it feel like if…

  • you were proud to open the door when unexpected visitors came calling?
  • you were the first one to volunteer your home for your book club or girls night?
  • your friends and families were in awe of you instead of the other way around?
  • every time you came home your house looked and smelled like you just cleaned?

The amazing news is…

You absolutely can make that a reality.

I know because I did.

And it doesn’t take marathon cleaning sessions every day to achieve a beautiful and organized space. It only takes a little bit of effort for just a few minutes a day.

And you can get started for free today by downloading one or both of my free printable habit building power-sheets!

Not only are they super helpful, they’re absolutely beautiful!

Free REsources to help you get started

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10 Super Charged Habits for a Sparkling Clean Home

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10 daily affirmations for an effortlessly clean home


10 Cleaning Affirmations to retrain your brain

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And while your working on your mindset and building simple habits…

Check out the Redefining Bold Podcast where we meet for inspiration and share our tips to keep you motivated!

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Learning to give myself compassion!

Gwen’s gives us practical and easy strategies for living a better life! I love hearing the compassion in her voice and the kindness she offers to herself and to us through her words!

Love, love, love this podcast and the work you are putting out, Gwen!

Lindsey Haeger

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