10 Tips that will help you keep an effortlessly clean home

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Hey you guys! Ever since we moved, I’ve been struggling to keep our little apartment consistently clean. It’s not an overall disaster or anything, but I feel like I’m just half-heartedly sorta cleaning in spurts so it doesn’t get too out of hand. Since it’s really starting to bother me, I decided to sit down and remind myself of the best tips I know to help me keep an effortlessly clean home and thought what I’ve learned over the years might just help you!

10 Tips that will help you keep an effortlessly clean home Tips for a cleaner and uncluttered home!

When I’m rocking my routines, everything goes so smoothly, it’s like the house cleans itself. Wouldn’t that be nice!

So, here are my favorite tips that I like to use to keep things picked up and tidy.

10 Tips that will help you keep an effortlessly clean home Tips for a cleaner and uncluttered home!

10 Tips that will help you keep an effortlessly clean home

  1. Use a Timer – using a timer really helps me to get over that “this is going to take forever” mentality. Setting a timer for 15-20 minutes helps me to focus on the task at hand and get ‘er done!
  2. Check clutter magnets daily – clutter magnets are the areas that seem to just attract random papers and bills and dirty dishes and what not. Take a look around the room and see what areas seem to be those clutter magnets and just take a few minutes (using your timer) and tidy those areas up!
  3. Do one load of laundry every day – some people prefer having a day to do allllll the laundry in the house. Sometimes, I am forced into this dilemma, but I much prefer just breaking it down into a load (or two sometimes) a day. Otherwise, I get totally overwhelmed and just go out and buy new unmentionables. haha! (not really, but reeeally…..)
  4. Swish and swipe toilet daily – when you clean something that’s clean, it’s easier to clean.
  5. Wipe down counters daily – or after you cook. Just keep abreast of the dirty counter sitch.
  6. Leave an empty sink at night – by far my favorite tip. Waking up to an empty, clean sink can really start the day off right. I never regret it when I see a shining sink greet me in the morn!
  7. Have a schedule for deep cleaning – Ugh. I know. But if you break the really deep and dirty jobs up over the quarter or the year, you won’t have to do a month of “spring cleaning” when you wish you were sitting out on the porch sipping a sparking water and enjoying the butterflies and hummingbirds.
  8. Create easy routines – morning, afternoon and night! If you have a set list of things to do and do them everyday, it becomes second nature! This really takes away the dread and stress of keeping your home purring!
  9. Delegate tasks – ummm, yeah. That kids bathroom has kids that use it and kids that can learn to clean it, yo. nuff said.
  10. Keep two of cleaning supplies, and buy another when you use one up. Never run out! – oooooohhhhhhh, this saves me big time. Ever been about to really get on your knees and deep clean that shower just to realize you’re out of your favorite shower cleaner? or glass cleaner? or deodorant? This tips goes well for personal care items as well. Keeping an extra on hand, and then buying more when you have to use the extra keeps things rocking and rolling downtown.

Bonus Tip? Stop stressing because it doesn’t have to be perfect! Just a little better every day. And when you get sick and things get out of control again? Just look peek at this list and start again… slowly and simply!

10 Tips that will help you keep an effortlessly clean home Tips for a cleaner and uncluttered home!

I love, love for my home to feel uncluttered and smelling fresh like it did when we were staging our house to sell it, but that’s really too much. Perfectionism can keep you stuck and has no place in our lives if we ever really want to get something done.

Action tip: Set your timer right now and clean up that clutter magnet nearest you. You’ll be on your way to having a cleaner and happier abode!



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