11 Deliciously Thirst Quenching Sparkling Waters

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I seriously can’t live without my bubbly water.  But sometimes, just drinking plain-jane sparkling water gets boring.

MOVE OVER DIET SODA! These 11 deliciously refreshing sparkling waters are the new thrist quencher!
MOVE OVER DIET SODA! These 11 deliciously refreshing sparkling waters are the new thrist quencher!

Here are 11 of my very favorite ways to dress up that sparkling water in stiletto heels and golden pearls.

11 Deliciously Thirst Quenching Sparkling Waters


First off,  this Raspberry Sparkling Water is the perfect tangy and sweet combo.  It’s quick and relatively easy to make. YUM.


How about a cold glass of Orange Creamsicle Sparkling Water?  Oh, my… one of my favs!


This All Natural Sparkling Limeade is simply refreshing!  My boys love for me to make a batch of this.


My favorite Limeade is this Homemade Strawberry Limeade.  A sweet and tart treat for my taste buds!


Are you a blueberry fan?  This Sparkling Blueberry Water is surprisingly tasty!


Oh, how I love a good Margarita.  But, this Sparkling Margarita Water, I can drink all day long with no hangovers, baby!


This Sparkling Mojito Water is nothing but minty goodness.  Sweet, minty goodness… sigh.


Now, this one… this Sparkling Watermelon Lemonade is to DIE FOR!!!

Gallons of this could I drink, my young jedi friends.  Or if you’re not a jedi, that’s Ok, too.


I love this non-alcoholic Salty Dog Sparkling Water.  There’s something about salt and grapefruit that makes me lick my lips.

It’s bow-wow-WOWZERS!


You don’t have to have fangs to enjoy this sweet and spicy Vampire’s Dream Sparking Water.  This water starts off sweet but finishes with a kick!


Ok.  So, I have to confess that this Peppermint Water isn’t actually “sparkling”.  It will definitely sparkle on your tongue, but I make it with just plain filtered water.

And it’s not just for summer… I drink it in all four seasons.

So, I’m totally and completely obsessed with finding new ways to drink sparkling water.

Which one do you think would win your heart first?

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