20 Ridiculously Simple After School Snack Ideas Kids Can Make Themselves

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As we are gearing up for school, there has been something weighing on my mind.

The After School Snack.


I seriously have such a hard time keeping things interesting when it comes to snacking.  I end up just buying the same things over and over and over and the boys get a bit sick of eating gummies everyday.  And even though I buy the healthy option, what am I teaching them?

Don’t ever eat veggies as a snack? Don’t try new things?  Don’t eat a variety of foods?

So this year, I sat down and challenged myself to come up with at least 20 mostly healthy ideas for easy, after-school snacks that they can grab or make themselves.

If you kids are a little younger, some of these ideas might require a little prep work on your behalf. If that is the case, just take a few minutes on Sunday to supervise the cutting of cucumbers or what-not.

Make After-School Snacking a breeze with these 20 Ridiculously Simple After School Snack Ideas that Kids can make THEMSELVES!


Here is my list of 20 Simple After-School Snacks that Kids Can Make Themselves

1. A Sliced Banana with PeanutButter and Honey
2. A Nut Bar with Strawberries
3. Pretzel Sticks with Cheddar Cheese Cubes
4. Vanilla Yogurt with Chocolate Shell Syrup and Sprinkles
5. Celery Sticks with Peanut Butter and Raisins
6. Frozen Grapes
7. Microwave Popcorn – you can grab a bottle of Ranch seasoning to jazz it up!
8. A Scoop of Frozen Yogurt with Crushed Pineapple
9. Pre-Frozen Bananas (in thick slices or on a stick) to drizzle with Magic Shell Chocolate Sauce
10. Clementine Oranges and a handful of Pecan Halves (pre-dip the pecans in some chocolate for an extra special treat!)
11. Pre-sliced Cucumbers with Ranch Dressing and Bacon Bits
12. Frozen Raspberries with Graham Crackers  These are Gluten Free )<=amazon affiliate link)and my boys love them.
13. All Natural Fruit Leather with a handful of almonds
14. Frozen Yogurt Bites with a tablespoon of chocolate syrup for dipping
15. Baby Carrot Sticks with Pre-made Hummus (or make your own and put in single serve containers for dipping)
16. Pre-sliced apples with Nutella
17. Healthy crackers with Pepperoni slices and cheese squares
18. Cinnamon applesauce with yogurt covered raisins
19. Edamame sprinkled with Sea Salt and Parmesan Cheese
20. Dark Chocolate Squares with Graham Crackers and milk

If some of these won’t work for you because of nut or other allergies, just grab a piece of paper and sit down for a few minutes and brainstorm until you’ve rounded out your list to at least 20 ideas.

This list will last an entire month!  If have the same snack twice during the week, it could go even longer.

And if you aren’t home when they get home, just print this Back 2 School Snack Attack Planner and leave it on the fridge so they know what to make!

snack-attack-planner-pinDo you have any other after-school snack ideas?  Make After-School Snacking a breeze with these 20 Ridiculously Simple After School Snack Ideas that Kids can make THEMSELVES!Leave them in the comments below so we can build a giant list right here!


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