Back to School Snack Attack Planner

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The attack of the snacks is coming. That is, the after school ones.

We have them just about 24/7 with 2 cellular replicating boys {and two grown adults that require food just about as much}

And whether you are a working family or not, organization is the penultimate of food preparation.  Do you agree?

So, forget just letting those little men and women wail with anxiety when they return home searching for the required sustenance their little bodies crave!

Plan it out and put it where they can see it. Like, tape it to their ocular devices if needed. Back to School Snack Attack Planner to keep your munchins after school snackies organized and fun! It’s so bright and fun, it’ll make the rest of life pale in comparison…


And it’ll make snack time so much more fun!

after school checklist-2

So, grab your copy of this Snack Attack Planner and rejoice like you just won a purple cow with iradescent horns!

after school checklist-3 That milks black gold…Texas tea.

To download and print this pdf printable, just click here. 

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