10 Easy Heart Doodles for February

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Hey there! I’m super stoked to be back and sharing these 10 easy heart doodles for February!

10 cute hear doodles with pinterest text overlay

I’ve just gotten my first Bullet Journal and am having so much fun creating my spreads.  I first learned about the BuJo years ago. In fact, the video was one of the first things I ever pinned.  

So why did it take me so long to start doing it?  Well, it seemed complicated and I wasn’t a list girl.  Hahahaha.  Jokes on me.

I’m way more productive and excited about my work day now.  Cray.

So, then I stumbled on some real artists who BuJo.  Then I started to get crazy.  Then I decided to step back and not be crazy and figure it out first.  And only do simple things to jazz it up.

These doodles are my attempt to be simple.  And I’m tracing them.  And I’m not caring that I need to trace them. 

Whew.  I feel better admitting that.  I don’t consider myself an artist.  But maybe, I can become one by practicing doodling.  Hey.  It’s possible!

How to Doodle Hearts

If you are new to bullet journaling, don’t worry.  I trace.  It’s super easy.  But I do have a couple of steps I like to use.

  1. First, I have a light box that it awesome.  It makes tracing easy.
  2. Then, I layer my bullet journal (or paper) over the printed copy.
  3. First, trace in pencil.
  4. Then turn off the light box and make sure you got everything.
  5. Then use a Micron pen to outline. 
  6. Color with markers or pens.  I use Tombow brush pens.  They really are way better than regular crayola markers.  I can’t even explain it.  The tombows are like watercolors almost.  They glide on so easily and make smooth strokes like crazy

picture of a notebook with a doodle of a cupcake with hearts and polka dots on it

What do you need to make these heart doodles?

First, you need to download and print my 10 Heart Doodle Pdf.

My favorite doodling supplies:

Can I use the pdf to doodle freehand?

Of course!  If you feel comfortable doing so, just free hand it!

What is a Bullet Journal?

A bullet journal is simply a blank journal that you can use to create lists and plans.  But there is a system to it.  Watch the video below and you’ll see what it is!


I’m really starting to understand how it works.  It’s so powerful and motivating.  Especially because it gives me concrete ways to practice handlettering, which I love.

Do you BuJo?  Let me know in the comments below!



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