Super Cute Geometric Heart Keepsake Box with Chalky Finish Paint

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Well, the kids are almost out of school! Time has flown by as usual, but even more so this year because we’ve been so much busier with the boys being in year-round swimming. We’re headed to Christiansburg this weekend for a big swim meet. It’ll be the boys first 50meter long course experience and I think they are just a bit nervous, which means so am I, but I know they will do just fine.

To take my mind off of it, I turned to my favorite thing in the world… making stuff.  I can’t seem to get enough of this Geometric Heart, I guess, because that was the first thing that came to mind when I decided to glam up this box.

But first, thank you SO much to DecoArt for partnering with me on this project.  I love you guys!

This super cute Geometric Heart Keepsake Box is a quick and easy DIY that you can make in an afternoon. You can download the free geometric heart printable from theboldabode.com.

Now, let’s get started!

How to Make a Super Cute Geometric Heart Keepsake Box with Chalky Finish Paint

What you need

How to make it

First, you want to remove all your hardware from the box.  I loved that it was already gold to match my heart. Ahhh, serendipity!

geometric heart box-2

geometric heart box-3

Next, grab your Chalky Finish Paint and give it a stir.  I’ve found that these jumbo craft popsicle sticks are perfect for stirring the Chalky Finish paint.

geometric heart box

You can see I love my paint.  This tub has been well used.  You’ll be amazed at how far this paint will go because it covers so well.

geometric heart box-4

I painted the entire box with 3 coats of Everlasting, sanding after each coat. This paint sands to a very smooth, chalky finish.

geometric heart box-5

Once the paint is dry, it’s time to bling it out.  I chose this super fun, colorful print from DecoArt.  The gold really pops with the Geo Heart.

Measure the bottom inside of your box and cut the paper to fit.  Then apply a thin coat of Decou-page to the bottom of the inside of your box and the back of the paper.

geometric heart box-7

Then carefully place your paper in the box and {very gently} smooth it out.

geometric heart box-8

Allow that to dry, and then add a coat of Decou-page on top of the paper.

geometric heart box-10

After about 20 minutes, it will dry. Then add one more coat. For this last coat, mix the Decou-page with a little bit of water for a smooth finish.

geometric heart box-9

Now we can move to the top of the box and make our heart.

Print this printable out to the size you need.  I uploaded the image to the Cricut Design Space and used my Cricut to cut it out. I always test it in Cardstock before cutting my template to be sure I have the right size.

geometric heart box-11

When I’m happy with the proportions, then I’ll cut it out of vinyl so I can paint.

geometric heart box-12

I love using sponge brushes to paint stencils.  For the first, coat just dab it on so it will seal over the small lines and keep the paint from bleeding.

geometric heart box-13

Once that base coat dries, then you can brush the paint over it like normal.  I went with four coats so I could get a really opaque and shiny, metallic heart.

Once everything is happy and dry, you can seal the stencil with some Americana Decor Creme Wax.  The wax will protect your paint and give everything a very smooth finish.

geometric heart box-14

And that’s it!  What do you think?  Super cute, right?

geometric heart box-16

geometric heart box-18

I think I’m going to use this in my bathroom for my feminine niceties. If I gotta be a woman and deal with woman junk, might as well make it fun.

Have you ever used DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint?  Do you love it? Let me know down in the comments!

Visit the DecoArt Chalky Finish website for more chalk paint ideas and inspiration!

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  1. So beautiful! That paper just coordinates so well with thegold heart. Totally agree with your ‘women niceties’ comment – might as well make it as cute and fun as possible! Haha!

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