7 Fun and Creative Temporary Decorating Tips and Ideas

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If you’re on a decorating leash because you’re renting, I feel your pain!  We rented for over 12 years, moving from place to place… some, ahem, nicer than others.

My favorite rental was an old farmhouse on the Union Theological Seminary property. We lived in the front apartment with the big porch and huge winding staircase.  It was amazing and gross all at the same time.  I won’t go into detail, but I’ll just say.. rats.

I tried very hard to make each place we stayed in personal and homey.  Now that I own my own home, I can do more, but I’ve had several readers ask me how to decorate when you’re renting and have strict rules about what you can do and what you can’t.  So, I thought I’d put together some suggestions for you guys.

I’ve even used some of these temporary decorating solutions in this house because I’m fickle and like to be able to change things up.

Just because you can't paint where you live, doesn't mean you can't make it feel like home! Check out these 7 fun and creative temporary decorating tips and ideas!

1. Use Command Hooks

Holes in the walls are ALWAYS a concern when you are renting.  I honestly can’t understand why a landlord would get SO mad if you put one or two in the walls. I mean, you are paying him to live there, but there are some that go nuts.

Command hooks come in all sizes, so you can find one that will work for just about whatever you want to hang.  I have these guys {<=amazon affiliate link} holding up my hairdryer as we speak.  And hairdryers aren’t the lightest thing in the world, so if they’ll hold it, that’s saying something.

2. Use Straight Pins to Hang Stuff

I’ve used this trick for YEARS.  Just go to the fabric store and buy a pack of straight pins or grab these from amazon {<=affiliate link}.

The kind with little balls on the head work well. You can just gently tap them in with a small hammer.  I’ve used them to have all kinds of pictures, banners, buntings and decorations.  You’ll be surprised how strong they are!

3. Create colorful art instead of painting the walls

Create colorful art instead of painting the walls

This DIY Pixel Art is one of my favorite DIY’s so far.  It’s bright, fun and SO colorful.  You don’t have to paint a whole room to get that WOW factor.  Just grab a canvas at the craft store and express yourself!  I just used regular craft acrylics and used got my canvas on sale, so this project was really inexpensive.  It did take some time, but if you just wanted to make some modern art, you could just swirl some colorful paint around and be all like,

Look at me! I’m so Jackson Pollock.

4. Use Whiteboard Crayons to draw on the walls

I used a white dry erase crayon {<=amazon affiliate link}  to decorate my breakfast room when we first moved in.

Use Whiteboard Crayons to draw on the walls

It stayed there for almost 6 years, and this spring, I washed it off with no problem!  There was just a little bit of ghosting, but if you didn’t see it before, you probably would never notice.  I think using the lighter crayons would work better.

If you want to go darker, I recommend testing it out in an inconspicuous place before going crazy.

5. Create paper decorations to liven things up

Create paper decorations to liven things up

Decorating with paper isn’t just a great temporary solution, it’s dirt cheap!  I made these tissue paper tassels to hang beneath my SHAZAM string art.  They are bright, colorful, inexpensive and easy to make.

And what did I hang them with?  That’s right… straight pins!

6. Use Removable Wallpaper or Decals

 Use Removable Wallpaper or Decals

For my stairs, I didn’t want to spend hours stenciling or painting, so I found this incredible removable wallpaper over at spoonflower.  You can buy samples like I did to use on my stair risers or buy entire roles and wallpaper a room.

I did test a corner, and it pulls up very easily!

And there are tons of companies that make temporary vinyl decals that you can use on your walls to create a one-of-a-kind look!  Just do a google search and you will be amazed!

7.  Buy fun and colorful accessories to add a splash of personality

Buy fun and colorful accessories to add a splash of personality

Light bright rooms with pops of color are all the rage.  If you live in a builder-beige rental, you can add some vibrance with colorful rugs and accessories!

I love this rug and this rug in antique white. The possibilities are endless!

Renting doesn’t have to stifle your ability to spice up your home and make it your own.

There are probably a zillion temporary decorating solutions.

Are you a renter?  What have you done to make your rental feel like home?

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