Swedish Fish Teacher Gift and free printable

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How does time work?  I mean, really.  The more years I’m on earth, the faster they seem to go.

So, it feels like school just started yesterday and now, here I am making teacher gifts!  Yikers.

Let’s think of fluffy chickens for a second, mkay?


Oh, they cheer me up every time!

But, I’m actually really happy for the end of the year.  I get to have my boys home for the summer! Yay!

A quick and easy teacher gift: So Glad I was in Your School! Free Printable!

I love this little gift.  It’s inexpensive and super easy to make.

What you need:

  • 1 Glass Container {I found mine at Michael’s}
  • 1 bag of Swedish Fish
  • Geo Fish Printable Tags

The printable has square and round tags.  And I’ve created two sizes of round tags, large and small in case you want to give a HUGE present.

swedish fish teacher gift

Just fill your glass jar with the fish.

swedish fish teacher gift-2

And pop the tag on!

swedish fish teacher gift-9

swedish fish teacher gift-8

You can put it on the top or the side.

swedish fish teacher gift-4

I can’t eat sugar, so I just sat and sniffed for a while.  I love Swedish Fish.  I couldn’t help myself.

To download and print this pdf printable, just click here. 

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