Drawing on the Wall: Frames Edition

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how-to-draw-wall-framesI must admit, I seriously think I’m getting an addiction to drawing on the walls.

Maybe I missed out on that adventure when I was a little girl, but there really is something freeing about it!

Drawing these frames was seriously so easy.  I just broke it down into a few simple steps and before I knew it, there were three awesome hand drawn frames on my wall.

  • The first thing I did was to find an image of the frame I wanted to draw.  I chose some doodle frames because I knew I needed a hand-drawn look.
  • Then I taped it to the wall above my frame.

christmas printables 1-6

{This is me about to start on my second frame.  I did it for the first one as well.}

  • Then, I measured out from the sides about 2″ and made a mark.

christmas printables 1-8

  • And I measured out 4″ from the top  and bottom {because it has that larger curve there}

christmas printables 2-4

  • Next, I outlined the actual print with my crayon.

christmas printables 2-6

  • Then, using my marks as a guide, i drew the larger curved part at the top.

christmas printables 1-9


  • And added the embellishments…

christmas printables 1-10


christmas printables 1-11

  • Then I repeated the process on the sides, but only went out with my curve to the 2″ mark.

christmas printables 2-7

  • And then added all the rest of the embellishments.

christmas printables 2-3

And that was it.  Really, so NOT hard!  And I’m super happy with how they turned out!

Did you see all three of them?

I hope you are winding down all the craziness of shopping!  I went to wrap today and realized I’m missing a few things so it’s right back out there to the sea of Christmas Bonanza tonight…

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  1. I am off to brave the pre-Christmas crowds this weekend to finish up my shopping – wish me luck! And I absolutely LOVE your frames! It’s gotta feel good to be allowed to draw on a wall with crayons!

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