Bye-bye Orange! A Dining Room Update

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Where have you all been?  I’ve missed you so much!

But I guess, it’s my fault.  I’ve been off trying to take care of bidness behind these here virtual walls.  Like, in my real life.  You know, the kind of life we all used to have before Pinterest?

And it’s been, ummmm…. daunting to say the least.

But I’m fine and getting better everyday.  I might take some time and tell you all about it.  If I can get away from washing dishes for five minutes!

Anyhoo, I’ve not been completely absent from this creative life.  It’s in da bones, kwim?

And this here dining room update has been a LONG, LONG time coming.  Like, percolating for 4 1/2 years, baby.

Pop over and see the Orange Explosion that it was and then this next picture will shock you into next year.  I mean, grab that defibrillator and have it handy… just in case.

White Dining Room

I know, right?

If there is one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s to NEVER, EVER, EVER say Never.

Cuz I totally said I’d never paint a room white.

Yes, I did say never, and now it’s come true.

I wonder if I told myself that I never grow old, never travel the world and never have a new car, what would happen….

Woka, woka, woka.

I did keep most everything else.  These fun polka-dot vases…Polka Dot Vase


I added a beautiful work of art…

Decorate with Children's Art

Kept the old pictures that everyone asks me about…

Mission Style Table

The big one is my great-great-grandpappy, I think.  There’s a band that my Great-grandpappy was in and a Cousin who I just found out was a Marine.  {sorry, I’m not up on my vintage uniforms!}

And the little boy to the right is my sweet Granddaddy. He lived with me from before I was born until the day he died {I was 13 going on 14…that was hard. I still miss him and his crazy sense of humor.}

Flax Linen Table Runner

I love this gorgeous Flax Linen Table Runner from Sutton Place Designs, aka On Sutton Place.  Check out her Etsy shop.  {oh, you better watch out, you better not cry!  It’s time, baby!}

Mission Style Chairs

Here a funny tidbit.  I got to where I wanted to paint this table.  The room was so orange with the walls and the stain on the table and the orange undertones in the floor.  It was overwhelming!

But as soon as I primed the room, I fell in love with my table all over again!  My dad made it for me several years ago, and I hated the idea of having to paint it, so I’m glad SO FREAKIN’ OVER THE MOON that I got rid of the pumpkin pie walls.

Now it’s all, like, whipped cream…the real kind.

Decorate with fruit

It really makes a BIG difference and I feel so light and free now in this room.

I’m kinda giddy over it.


Sherwin Williams Cyberspace

I pretty much always use Sherwin Williams now, and this was no exception.

I wanted a dark, dark gray on the bottom, and found my soulmate  in Cyberspace.

Floral Curtains


It’s a deep, dark, dark blue. And it makes me want to fling my hair back and forth in slow-mo.

Traditional Dining Room


Don’t the curtains really shine now, too?

I might actually move those to the office if I can find some cool modern print I like.  I’m moving to a more modern asthetic and this room, although I love it, still feels really traditional to me.

Flowing Floral Curtains

I don’t know.  I do still like them, a-lawt.

Dining Room Update at The Bold Abode

But this isn’t all!  I’m keeping a little secret from you and if you are really perceptive, you’ve noticed that I didn’t show one of the walls.

I’ll be back tomorrow to show you my step in the modern direction.  It’s pretty cool.

And there’s a giveaway, too.

So keep that defibrillator handy.  That is if you’re not lying on the floor, mouth agape and stunned with the white walls.

Breathe, my bold ones… just breathe.  🙂

UPDATE:  Check out my post Do the Herringbone Shuffle to see the secret I kept back!

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  1. Gwen! The transformation is beautiful! I LOVED reading! Felt like I was dancing! 😀

    Funny about orange. I spray painted a word banner yesterday – from orange to silver. Now I can rest. Orange makes me all jerky-like!


    1. Thank you, Kolein! You made my day!

      I have to agree with you on the orange. I’m over it. Actually, I was never in with it, but I couldn’t tell my 4 year old {at the time} no!!! 🙂

  2. I was almost ready to ask you if everything was OK and were you EVER going to blog again…but I didn’t want to be nosy. I’m so glad you are back and still creating. Love this dining room. I’m a Sherwin Williams girl too. Thank you, thank you for the shout out for my shop. The runner looks fab!

    1. Ha! I honestly wasn’t sure! Well see what the future holds.

      I was so glad to FINALLY share your gorgeous table runner! I can’t believe how long it’s taken.

      Thank you, Ann!

  3. It’s so ironic Gwen that we learned of each other’s blogs because of our shared luv of decor color and now – both at the same time, seem to be enjoying white walls and other previously deemed “never” options. I really like the white in your DR and just yesterday pitched a white wall idea to my hubby for ours (don’t know if he’s gonna agree). Fun that you kept lots of color elements in the DR and can experience them in a new way with the white walls. Glad to have you back on the blogging beat. Robin

    1. Irony is not out of style! It’s funny to see how things change over time and I’m so happy with this update.

      Thank you, Robin!

  4. Your room looks lovely! I too have been drawn to many rooms with white walls while on Pinterest…I think they let the items in the room shine just a bit more…I am looking forward to adding more white to my home as well.

  5. Hi Gwen! No more orange? Do you love the new color? I think it makes all your other fun accents and colors really POP! How are ya!!!???

    1. Thank you, Holly!!! I really do love it. I’m SO much happier with this room..

      And I’m COLD! I’m COLD! How are you???

  6. Hi there! I found this post through your Board and Batten instructions today. I can totally relate to the overwhelming wood tone feeling. We built out house in 93, and upgraded all our woodwork to stained honey pine-trim and doors. Our foyer is also a similar color oak railing and flooring, and most of our furniture is either honey pine or oak…Visiting all the blogs this last month I am feeling very dated! Trying to convince my hubby to let me paint white, but so far it’s still a no go:( Thanks for sharing your rooms and if you know of any blogs that have bitten the bullet going from oak furniture to painted and you’re willing to share please do!

    1. Thank you,Lisa! I know what it’s like trying to convince a husband to go for something different! Maybe he would agree to trying it in one room. Oy vey!

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