How to Make a Personal Dry Erase Board with Americana Multi Surface Acrylic Paint

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Thank you to DecoArt for partnering with me on this super-coolio project!

I really like chalkboards and desks impersonating chalkboards…

but I love dry erase boards.

You can make them out of anything, really… even an old desk hung on the wall.

But who in their right mind would do that, huh?

{whistling and casually looking around, she says}

Anyway… today, we’re getting personal.



Personal Dry Erase Boards, that is!

I’ve been jonesing for a third color in my Pear Green Foyer, so when DecoArt so generously sent me a load of paint and stencils, I knew this was the perfect project.

Here’s how to make a personal dry erase board in ONE afternoon!

All you need are a few simple things:

Here’s my ugly frame:



But it wasn’t ugly for long!

I used this Americana Multi Surface Satin in Turquoise Waters.  It is such a beautiful color!



Step 1

Paint your frame.


Which I did… as you can plainly see.

And the paint goes on so smoothly and evenly.

I did two coats, and it was heaven, baby!

Step 2

Cut a piece of fabric to cover the cardboard backing.

I used a bit of Flax Linen from Ann.


Tape it securely to the back.


Step 3

Stencil a heart on the lower right hand corner of the fabric.

Cut out a small heart.  I used freezer paper.


As you can see, I’ve learned to test out my hare-brained schemes…


I used a reverse stencil technique and I loved the effect on my test subject…


So I went ahead with my plan.  And it was lovely!


I just used a dab of the Multi Surface paint


and brushed the heart from the inside out.


Don’t learn the hard way like I did.

And if you do mess up a little, don’t worry.


Just go back over it and fill in where you blotched it.


Step 5

Insert your fabric covered board into the frame.

Then write on it with a Wet Erase Marker.


And Sing On, my Bold ones!

Sing on!

But before you go and launch off into a hearty melody, I’ve got a treat for you!

You can run out and grab your own Americana Multi-Surface Satins at Michaels, A.C. Moore, Hobby Lobby, and other fine craft retailers.

And with this special offer, you can get $3 back!  How awesomesauce is that, yo?


Be sure to fill out the rebate form here!  All rebates submitted will be entered to win an iPad Mini. Rebate is open to US residents only.

Ok. So now, you can go and Sing On.

What’ll you be singing, eh?

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  1. Super cute! Such a great idea….and inexpensive too. My cup of tea for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is so cute! And I am loving the turqoise right now….

    I haven’t used that type of paint yet. I may have to snag up a few bottles!

    I am looking for a few things to make for my office and I just may have to do this. I have loads of burlap left over for my wedding.

    I had to chuckle at your duct tape. I’d do the same thing. You’re the only one that will ever know it’s there!

  3. Absolutely amazing idea! we love it! Home For Handmade

  4. You little mind-reader, you! I’ve been trying to think of how we could make a pretty dry-erase board in our office, and then you just come along with this little plan! (WET ERASE. GOT IT.) 🙂

  5. I hate to ask a stupid question but what is a wet erase marker? I am only familiar with dry erase markers. Thank you for your educational answer to my stupid question.

    1. No stupid questions, girl!

      It’s like a dry erase, but you have to have a damp cloth to erase it. It just works better on glass! And it won’t brush off accidentally.

      The name brand is called Vis-a-vis, if that helps. You can get them at any office supply store.

  6. I just this weekend painted a huge frame & wanted to make a dry erase board & now I have found the instructions to do so. Huzzah! I had no idea about using a wet erase marker. I didn’t even know such a thing existed.
    Thanks, oh crafty one…..

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