My Eames Era Lounge Chair and The Couch that Bleeds Bold

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If we’ve hooked up on Instagram, you might have seen the new Eames Era Lounge Chair I found for a complete steal incredible deal at my favorite local high-end vintage store, Galaxie Modern.

And I almost didn’t ask how much they wanted, because I just knew in my soul, I’d be disappointed. But, I asked.

And I wasn’t disappointed. I was fantastically a-gasp.

And thanked my lucky stars they needed to clear out a little space for new arrivals.

I was so excited, I snapped a pic right there on the sidewalk, baby!


And here he is snug as a love-bug in a rug, tucked safely up here in The Bold Abode.


I’ve been scouring Craigslist and was about to trek over to Charlottesville to try my luck at Circa, but we ended up downtown last Friday and, at the last literal second, I felt this inexplicable pull to stop by this store.

Every time I visit, I have to hold back the tears and stop from puking rainbows and butterflies as I walk through and see the amazing goodness therein.

It’s heaven.

And I seriously NEVER in a freakin’ MILLION years thought I’d walk out of that store with something to call my own.

But apparently, miracles do happen and dreams do come true, baby!  Never say never and always ask.  Always, always ask.

And always listen when you feel that inner pull.

And now… now I’ve found my new couch.


If I had $2000, that is.

Wait. Double that.  I saw it’s twin hiding in the back room.

It’s a  Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin Loveseat with Jack Lenor Larsen Fabric.

Apparently, this fabric alone could go for around $750 per yard.

Yes.  You just read that. 


I sat on it.  Yes, I did.  And it’s soft like a little fuzzy, baby rabbit.  So soft.

I saw myself stripping down and rolling around on it, but I snapped out of it when I remembered the owners’ father was standing right there probably praying I didn’t sneeze or spontaneously combust from sheer delight at it’s luxurious texture.

Anyway…if you have a few grand, {or know someone that does} you can have this couch that bleeds BOLD.

I’ll have it, too, for always and forever…

In my bold dreams, baby.

In my bold dreams.

{I thought of you, Mandi, when I saw this baby.  I know you already have an awesome orange couch, but look at these sweet-honeys. And we could each have one. It would be like we were in eighth grade together and went shopping and bought the same Zippered Guess Jeans so we could be twinkies… It would be Classic Unicorn.}

Yeah. Classic Unicorn.  I just made that up.

Feel free to use it whenevs.

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  1. What a cool sofa! I can totally see that in your colorful and fun space.

    1. Isn’t it amazing! I could see it, too… but then I’d have to paint the walls white so it could shine. That’s not happening. Ha!

  2. I was just looking at a fabulous green velvet sofa in the Ikea catalog – but it can’t compare to that vintage goodness!

    1. Green velvet is awesome. I had not idea Ikea had anything velvet!!!

      That vintage couch is amazing. UH-MA-ZING!

    1. Thank, Cassie!!! Yeah. So reasonable. An Monkeys are flying out of my butt, too. Haha.

      If I had it, though… sigh.

  3. Love, love, love the green couch! Maybe they do lay-away 🙂 Ha!

  4. That chair just looks right at home there in your house! The leather on it looks pretty awesomely worn in too. As for the couch, hey, sometimes dreams come true!

  5. Oh man, love that chair! We have an old lounger in our living room and it’s the most comfortable thing ever.

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