How to Turn Off the Water to Your Refrigerator

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Has it happened to you?

You come home from a pleasant day vintage shopping with your awesome Eames Era Lounge Chair so excited, until…

You walk into a kitchen filled with water flowing like a river out from underneath your refrigerator???


Do you know how to turn off the water to your refrigerator?

Well, that didn’t really happen to me, but it could.

And if it did, I now know how nip it in the bud, baby!

For this test run, I had to call in the BIG GUNS… This Bold Guy.

Isn’t he so sexy in that white undershirt?


I almost made him go change into something cute for his appearance on the blog, but I decided I was dern lucky to get this shot and beggars can’t be choosers, right?

So, when you pull out the fridge for the first time in, like, four years, steel yourself.


And don’t heap coals of fire on your own head and yack everywhere.  You’ll have to clean that up later, too.

But I’m sure HotShot would be more than glad to help with that chore, too.  {too gross? I’m pushing the envelope here, I know.}



Here’s what our shut off valve looks like in all it’s dusty glory.



You just turn that little valve and all your worries are over.

Until you look around and see the dust-bunnies singing “Yo-ho-ho” and casting anchor with the random fruit-loops.

Anyway, here’s hoping you never need to know this tip, but being prepared never hurts, my dearest Bold Ones, right?

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