A Bold Bathroom Bookshelf

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Oh, my dear ones…

Remember how I said that this Bold Abode is infested?

Well… with this infestation brings a war.

A waging war that I fear I will never win.

The war of the Shower Curtain.

You, see, my lovelies… I prefer the shower curtain closed.

closed shower curtain1

Isn’t it just so nice?  I mean… it completes me. 

And if you really know me… you know that I’m miles away from neat-freak land.  But there is just something about walking into this bathroom and having the curtain closed.

It’s weirdo.  Please tell me you have some quirk like this? Like, you have to have the towels hung evenly even though there are dirty socks on the floor right below?

But, oh!  Those BOOKS!

book on tub

Even in the Bathroom.  ARGH.  And here they are messing up my peace and tranquility!!!

I even gave him a basket…

books in baskets


So, I pleaded for divine intervention.

Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder

This little Bathroom Bookshelf came in an ugly, brown, cob-web finish… you should have seen it… but you can’t, because…sigh…I lost that picture.

But so far… so far, the curtain has kept it’s closure… I have a bright pop of color in this otherwise, very neutral landscape…

book not on tub

And the books have a little nook…

Toilet Paper

Right along the other bathroom necessities…

Sometimes, things have a way of working out, don’t they?



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    1. Thank you, my Cassie… I’m starting to see the fun in having neutral walls with colorful accents…

      But don’t worry.. it won’t become the norm.

  1. I have to have the curtain open so I can see no one is hiding in it with a knife. Actually, it’s not really an issue, because I have to have clear shower curtains for that very same reason.


  2. I am the same with the shower curtain, and the bath rug has to be clean, but the bed can go unmade for days. I know, it makes no sense. The shelf is perfect and I looove the color!!

    1. I know I know! It’s crazy, right?

      Thanks, girl! I hated the color at first, but it’s grown on me… plus I spent too much $$ buying the spray paint. It’s stayin’.

  3. Cooooool!! How handy is that thing!? And yes, it bugs me when the curtain is open!! SO bad!

  4. I have lots of similar quirks including that one! I also have the same stand, painted white. I’m sitting here wondering if that would work in my guest bath to hold items. Hmmm…..gotta go see! See what you’ve started! lol

  5. Yes, I agree. The shower curtain is supposed to be closed. It’s in the natural order of things. I think there’s a rule written somewhere 😉 On the serious side, it should be closed so the water droplets can dry and not turn into yucky mildew. I even leave my box fan blowing in the bath room. About those quirks… my fan “hums” me to sleep each night. Can’t sleep without it.

    1. Yes! Then Natural Order of Things. The NOT. hahaha…

      Yes. I knew there was a practical reason I liked it closed… blechy mold! Yuck!

      Fans are awesome. I love my fan, too!

  6. A practical and pretty solution! I am a shower curtain partly open girl myself, though. You never know what might be lurking behind that closed curtain – ain’t you seen Psycho, girl?

    1. Oh, thank you, Helen!

      And no… I haven’t ever sat and watched that creepy movie all the way through… eeeek…

  7. I’ve been sittin’ here trying to think of my bathroom quirks, because I know I must have SOMETHING weird – but I have no shower curtain to leave partially open or not. Just clear glass shower walls. AHA! Here’s a quirk – no one, AND I MEAN NO ONE, is allowed to enter the master bath whilst ANYONE (especially me!) is taking a shower. Like, don’t even crack the door if the water is running. We don’t do nekked-ness at my house. Well, except for nekked babies, of course, cuz they’re so cute. =)

  8. Cute idea, and adorable color! I have a feeling that it won’t really solve your problem, but you can be happy looking at it 🙂

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