Getting Organized: Afternoon Reminders Printable

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How can you live a BOLD life, if you never take a break?

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Well… how’s it going, you guys?  I have to admit, I’m still on the first step, shining my sink.

Couldn’t have you thinking I’ve got this all whipped in the butt or anything.

I was down in the valley with a snotty nose which made me throw myself the most elaborate pity-party ever seen on the planet, and I did good to keep that sink from piling up with dirty dishes and overall grodiness.

Yay, me!

But I’m glad to report that I can breath again… and I do mean that both literally and figuratively.

And I’m so glad, too.  Because I felt like making this printable and sharing it with you!

Probably because it’s the Triple Chocolate Truffle of all these printables. It tells you to take a break.

So, now you have permission. Permission to actually sit on your rear and relax. Isn’t that ridunculous?

But first…

Have you started Getting Organized?

If not, go back and read the Intro to this series!

So far you should have made your binder and printed off:

Make sure you’ve gotten that routine down before moving on to the next step, Afternoon Remidners!

Just click the link below to download and print!

Afternoon Reminders


You might already be doing much of this list, but having it there in front of you will help keep you on track and from forgetting anything.

Your day will go smoother, and that’s always a HUGE plus!

Again, I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel… just sharing my printables that I use with Flylady’s program! Visit her to learn more about the program and how to get started.

Up Next: Weekly Reminders

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  1. Awesome printable, I need to add one to it … Take a Nap! As if I ever need a reminder to do that!

    1. Oooo… take a nap is a good one! I did a lot of napping with both boys… it’s exhausting growing a human.

  2. I love how you have to take a break in the afternoon! I often need that reminder :o)

    1. Me too! We’re told to work, work, work to get ahead. But I think you have to give yourself some down time or you’ll burn out!

    1. She’s da bomb, right? I’m still shining my sink, but it’s clean, baby! That’s a good feeling!

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