Life Serves the Risk Taker #GirlBoss

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Who are you and where are you going?  Have you thought about it?  Have you wondered why you aren’t making the progress or having the success that you know you should be having?

I have been there, done that.  And I’m through with it.  I’m done worrying about where I’m going and I’m taking life one blessed day at a time and throwing everything I gots at it.  ( and no. that’s no typo.  that’s me being me.)

I just finished reading #GirlBoss (<= amazon affiliate link) and let me tell you… it’s empowering.  It’s helped me to realize that maybe I haven’t been being quite as focused and driven and authentic as I thought I was being.  It’s helped me to further own who I am and what I want. And that it’s ok if I take a different road to get there.

It’s helped me embrace the unique and passionate #GirlBoss that I am.

It’s driven it’s rebelliously passionate attitude deep into my psyche and made me want to get out there and kick some creative butt.

To celebrate, I took a risk.  I grabbed my paintbrush and watered down some acrylic paint.  I painted this for me.  And I’m sharing it with you.

Life serves the risk taker. Embrace the unique and passionate #GirlBoss within! Free handlettered watercolor printable to remind you!

Take control of your crazy, beautiful, strong, creative self and work your arse off.  I’ll be right there beside you, muck deep in the colorful trenches, cheering you on the whole way!

And print this off and frame it or hang it up with Washi Tape.  Whatever.  Just do it.

To download and print this pdf printable, just click here. 

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Read any kick-you-in-the-arse books lately?  Tell me about them in the comments below.  I need another great book to read!

And please, share this post with every #GirlBoss you know.  We have to stick together!

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  1. just a note to say that i love your site… I have been dreaming on my own business making quilts and paintings but seemed like everything always got in the way…. Now I’m focused!!!!! I have quit my job and just finished my work room last night ready to start quilting today….. I’m on may way to making a living doing what I love…. No more making someone else rich..
    I have also taken my finances by the horns and am amazed at how blessed I am.

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