All Natural Ant Killer: 5 All Natural Ways to Rid Your World of Ants

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We really haven’t had a problem with ants here in Virginia, but this year, I have noticed a few ant hills forming so delicately on my front porch.  It’s not anywhere near as bad as it was in Southwest Georgia where the fire ants would attack the second you stepped into the grass, but I still don’t want those little creepy crawlies hanging out with me on my front porch!

So, I’m thinking, since I’m totally into naturally cleaning my home, that I need to find a natural way to rid my world of ants. And perusing Pinterest, I found several different ways and thought I’d share them with you.

UGH. I hate ants! I'm going to try these 5 different all natural ways to get rid of them.

Just click on the title or the image to find the recipe and how to’s!

1. How To Get Rid Of Ants With Borax


That picture is so gross, isn’t it?  haha!  Borax is not just for ants, either.  You can use it to boost your laundry cleaning power.

2. The Very Best Homemade DIY Ant Killer

kill ants creekline house

This method is very similar to the first, but the recipe is just a bit different.  It’ll be interesting to see which might work better!

3. Kid-friendly Ant Spot Killer

kid friendly ant killer

Kid friendly is a plus!  I have lavender oil and I love how lavender smells!  If you make this, consider glass spray bottles with essential oils.  It will help them last longer.

4. Homemade Ant Killers: Recipes & Tips

ant bait and control

This one uses Apple Cider Vinegar. Interesting, huh?

5. How To Make All-Natural Ant Killer

ant killer

So, there are the 5 I’m going to try out!  I’ll let you know how it goes.  If you decide to make any of these recipes in bulk, be sure to use a glass storage container that has a tight lid. Something like this.

Here’s to an Ant-Free world!

Do you have any other ways you deal with ants?






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  1. Pouring boiling water on the hole works pretty good! Takes 2-3 times. I use left over pasta water or just heat it in my water kettle. No recipe needed 🙂

  2. Want a good smelling and animal/kid friendly ant killer? Ants hate 100% Orange oil spray, and it smells terrific! Just be careful to spray where the walls meet the floor because it’s slippery (it’s an oil after all). It’s available at Home Depot and Walmart.
    Have trouble with the ants getting all over your hummingbird feeders? I’ve had ants crawl OVER THE ROOF ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE to get the hummingbird’s food . Solution: Vaseline on the hummingbird nectar holder (whether it is a pole, or wire, actual cup to hold the feeder, etc.). Ants don’t like the vaseline. Just don’t get the vaseline on the actual hummingbird’s nectar slots.

    1. Those are all great tips, Sharon! I’m definitely going to have to try both of those.

      Thanks so much!

  3. We recently created a small seating area in the garden, and put down some wood chips all around. In a matter of hours, the wood chips were crawling with large ants. I also hunted for effective natural ways to eliminate the little pests – and found one to be quite effective – cinnamon! Apparently ants hate it. We liberally sprinkled cinnamon all over the wood chips twice – and have not seen any ants since! Good luck.

    1. Hi Zita,

      I’ve never, ever heard of that! I will definitely give that a try.


    2. We put cinnamon on our window sill in the kitchen, and on the window ledge outside. No more ants

  4. Cucumber peel, I use it to line my door ways. Ants don’t cross the “line”. It’s safe for pets, too. A bit unsightly but after a few day the ants relocate and you can throw the peel away!

  5. Food grade diatomaceous earth or DE is the best and most effective way to get them inside and outside. Completely human and pet safe. Do NOT buy pool grade DE. Food grade only.

  6. We had ants year after year until I put baby powder in every crack and crevice. We’ve been ant-free for three years now!

  7. I guess different species of ants run from different things. I’ve tried baby powder, cinnamon, lavender oit, orange oil, and nothing worked on these suckers. I found some ant chalk in China Town that worked great. I live in Southern Ca.

    1. That stuff is AMAZING, my Grandma always used it when I was a kid. The bad part is that it is not safe for kids or animals.

  8. I have a huge problem with red ants. They are everywhere in my garden. My property is all sandy soil in my area of the Annapolis Valley, NS Canada. The nests are huge, 5-6 feet across, in the ground.

  9. U May sprinkle Salt powder at the wall & floor joint or from where Ant is comming out

  10. I use peppermint essential oil, distilled white vinegar, Warm water and a squirt of dishsoap in a spray bottle.

  11. We had a big ant and earwig problem not to mention giant spiders. Every time we opened the front door to let the dog out all of them would dart inside, it was impossible to catch them all and kill them. I poured borax on my entryway inside and out as well as the doorjamb on the bottom. The next day there were several dead ones and no bugs darting inside. I sweep up the borax and put more down every week and since we live in a windy rural area I put more down after a very windy day. It works great and is cheap and easy. I don’t add anything to the borax just a thick layer in each spot, works wonders!

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