DIY Glitter Trashcan – even trash can be cute!

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Hey guys!

First, I want to say a giant Happy Birthday to my sister, Temple!  I love you so much and miss your laugh everyday!

If you think I’m at all funny, you should meet Temple. Whenever we get together, I’m always in stitches!

Now for this fun and easy DIY.

I’m all about the glitter and, sometimes, I just look around and think what could be next.

My old, ugly trashcan caught my eye this week.  Well, actually, I started this re-do about a year ago and finally got off my duff to make it happen.

I mean, just because it’s trash, doesn’t mean it can’t be cute, right?

DIY Glitter Trashcan - just cuz it's trash doesn't mean it can't be cute!

So, here’s how easy it is to make this DIY Glitter Trashcan is.

First, Spray Paint.  Need I say more?

glitter trashcan

This waste receptacle was metallic silver, which just wasn’t jiving with my new white and gold. But as I sit here and type this, I’ve realized that my Mac and keyboard and trackpad are all silver. Doh.

Anyway, the trashcan is now white thanks to a liberal coat or two of spray paint. And, now, so is the yard, but been there done that, right?

I decided to add some bling around the top.  I used DecoArt’s Decoupage and coated the rim. Then added the glitter.

glitter trashcan-2

glitter trashcan-3

I went all the way around and let it dry.  Then added another coat of Decoupage and another coat of glitter.

To make sure the glitter stays put, I then added two more coats of Decoupage on the rim.  That glitter isn’t going to fly off anytime soon.

glitter trashcan-4

glitter trashcan-5

Now, I have a cute place to chunk my bits and pieces of paper and crafting trash. Which is a lot.

As a side note for all my fellow monster dog owners, I have to keep this cutie up on my desk or sideboard so HotShot doesn’t chow down on all the fun stuff inside.

I’m thinking of rigging it to be a hanging trashcan.  Not sure I’ve ever seen that before. Maybe I’ll take the DIY world by storm and start a new trend of swinging trashcans. Ha.

Do you have any unusual trash receptacles? Do tell!

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