Bright Light Snowflake Canvas

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What a wonderful time of the year! There is seriously something magical about the holidays, isn’t there?  Cold weather, hot drinks, bright lights.

Speaking of bright lights, I’ve always wanted to make a lighted snowflake canvas and finally, here it is!

DIY Bright Light Snowflake Canvas: Make this simple lighted canvas for practically nothing! #budgetchristmasdecor #decoratingonabudget #christams #christmascrafts #snowflake #diy

How to make a Bright Light Snowflake Canvas

What you need:

bright light snowflake canvas


First, give your canvas a generous coat of white paint to prime it well. I think black paint would work here too.  Just depends on your decor!

bright light snowflake canvas-4

Then cut a 9×9 snowflake from your glitter cardstock with a exactoknife or cutting machine.  I used my Cricut Explore which is beyond amazing. Beats the heck out of scissors and cuts some pretty intricate designs that I’d never be able to do with my hands.

bright light snowflake canvas-2

Here is the snowflake template if you’d like to download it. Just right click and select “Save Image As.”


bright light snowflake canvas-5

Turn your snowflake over and make dots where you want your lights.

bright light snowflake canvas-6

Use a large hole punch to make the holes for the sting lights. In retrospect, I should have created holes for the lights in my template and cut them with the Cricut.  Live and learn!

bright light snowflake canvas-8

Take a sponge brush and add a layer of Decoupage to your canvas and the back of your snowflake.

bright light snowflake canvas-10

Center your snowflake on your canvas and press down.  You will want to flip it over and press from underneath to get good adhesion.

Allow to dry for a couple of hours.

If you want, you can add another layer of Decoupage on top of the snowflake.  That would make sure it stays in place no matter how many new kittens you might have! ha.

Then, punch holes through the canvas. You can use a screwdriver, a pencil or take your scissors and twist through the hole to make it large enough for the light to go through.  I had to use scissors to get the hold large enough.  It worked great.

bright light snowflake canvas-16

Now to add the lights!

For each light, you need to take the bulb out and pop it through the hole in the canvas.

bright light snowflake canvas-14

Then re-attach it to the base of the light from behind.  Continue until all your holes are filled with lights.

bright light snowflake canvas-17

You’ll have a lot of cording behind. I tried taping the battery packs to the canvas, but it wouldn’t hold.  Maybe some hot glue would work, but I was going to set my finished canvas on the shelf, so I didn’t worry about it.  I just let them sit on the shelf hidden behind the canvas.

DIY Bright Light Snowflake Canvas: A quick and easy project for your holiday season!

You can’t see the wires or battery packs at all!

Here it is a bright and sparkly:

DIY Bright Light Snowflake Canvas: A quick and easy project for your holiday season!

Making this small canvas has me wanting to do something bigger!  Maybe for the yard or the wall in the dining room.  I mean, this is the Bold Abode, right?

Have you ever made a lighted canvas?  Let me know down in the comments below!

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DIY Bright Light Snowflake Canvas: Make this simple lighted canvas for practically nothing! #budgetchristmasdecor #decoratingonabudget #christams #christmascrafts #snowflake #diy

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  1. The finished product is really nice! I think I’ll attempt it. Unlike me, I think you lucked out with natural talent 🙂 This stuff seems to just flow naturally from you!

    Nice work 🙂

    1. Dawn,
      Thanks for your kind words! You are probably underestimating yourself. You should definitely try it!

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