How to Glitter Accessories So the Glitter Actually Stays On

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How to Glitter Accessories so the glitter actually stays's a beautiful thing!Can you remember the first thing you ever glittered?

I remember making some Christmas decorations as a little girl, and it was always so wonderous to see that sparkly shine materialize right in front of my eyes!

Now that I’m all grown up, I have realized that glitter isn’t just for Christmas… am I right?

And with my office updates, I’m bringing in a little bling to make it all sing. haha!

So, I’ve figured out how to use glitter and make it so it won’t brush off.  Maybe you’ve already figured this out and I’m behind, but honestly, it was a revelation, baby!

Let’s get to it.

How to Glitter Accessories So the Glitter Actually Stays On


What you’ll need:

  • Mod Podge {or some like product}
  • Glitter
  • Your object that needs some bling.

glitter mod podge

I had this little acorn/heart hiding in my dresser that I found at the Goodwill over three years ago.  I didn’t have a clue what to do with it, so I held onto it.

I ran across it the other day, languishing in the cabinet, and with it’s little acorn/heart voice, it whispered to me and said,

I must needs some glitter….

So, I heeded it’s call and decided it HAD to go in my office to hold little things for me. I need a little-thing-holder dish… 🙂

  • First, brush on a layer of Mod Podge.

glitter mod podge-2

  • Then, sprinkle gitter alllll over it.

glitter mod podge-3

  • Let it dry a bit and tap the excess off gingerly.

glitter mod podge-4

You might need to take a soft, dry paintbrush and gently brush the excess glitter from your piece.  That’s what I did with the edges where you see all that extra glitter.

Here it is with one coat of glitter.  It wasn’t enough for me, so I did two layers.

glitter mod podge-5

  • To add a second layer, brush on another layer of mod podge over your glitter…be gentle and patient or your glitter will come off in your brush.

It’s okay if a little does, you just don’t want to scrape it all off, if you know what I mean…

glitter mod podge-6

Ahhhh…. two coats.  Much better.

Like two patties on your Super Sonic Cheesburger… wait.  I don’t eat those anymo’.

It’s like two oranges in your morning Kale Juice instead of one…{isn’t being healthy just the best.}

glitter mod podge-7

  • Now, when you have enough glitter covering your accessory… you need to do one more layer of Mod Podge over the it.

THAT is what keeps your glitter from scraping off.  And that’s a BE-U-TEE-FULL thing.

glitter mod podge-6

  • Let it dry, and then you’re all ready to put some little things in your little thing holder!

glitter mod podge-8

I’m sure I’ll fill mine up eventually, but for now, I’m just enjoying the sparkle.

It’s like a bright twinkly sky right at my finger tips…

So what are YOU going to bling out?

How to Glitter Accessories so the glitter actually stays's a beautiful thing!


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  1. I love this tip, but I’ve been hesitant to try it because I was afraid the glitter would lose it’s sparkle, I also want to try it on bling, but hesitant for the same reason….Any thoughts, suggestions?/

    1. Oh, it keeps it’s sparkle! The Mod Podge dries clear and it looks great. If you are still concerned, just try it on something small. But I can attest that it stays sparkly and it’s awesome!

  2. I recommend spraying a clear-coat finish over the Mod Podge if you are going to put anything heavier than a few paper clips in the dish. Mod Podge is always a little tacky no matter how dry it is, and a sufficient amount of weight (like a handful of change) might ruin your project.

  3. I was just scrolling thru pinterest and was reading about “throwing things ” away and “bringing balance into your life” stuff. Ugh, not today.
    Then I came across your little glitter tip. Ahhh! Like some fresh air! A little simple tip for a little simple project with some lighthearted humor with some verbal twang. Had me chuckling in my teacup!
    Keep your style! Thanks for the smile!

    1. You are so sweet, Lenore! Thank you so much! Have a very happy weekend. 🙂

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