Washi Tape Heart Valentine

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I'm Stuck on You Heart Printable.  This quick and easy Valentine Card is perfect for your special someone! Print it out today!So, I’m on a Valentine making streak here… things will slow down, I’m sure, but I really wanted to share this fun project tonight!

The entire time I was making this little guy, I kept singing… I’m so happy to be stuck with you!

You remember… Huey Lewis and the News, right?

Oh, the 80’s…

Well, this little valentine doesn’t say “with”, it says “on”.

Get it.. tape.. stuck on… woka, woka, woka.

Here’s how you make it, my bold ones!

  • First, print out this printable that I made just for you.

Stuck on You Heart Printable

I'm Stuck on You Heart Printable

  • Cut out the hearts and gather up your washi tape…

stuck on you2


stuck on you2-2

stuck on you2-3

  • Then, when the heart is fully covered, trim off the excess.
  • Clip the curves and fold the tape over the back.

stuck on you2-4

Now you are ready for assembly.

stuck on you2-5

  • To assemble, just glue the tape heart onto the polka dot heart.

stuck on you2-6

stuck on you2-7

  • Next, place the polka dot heart on top of the pink heart and punch a small hole in the upper left hand corner.
  • Stick a decorative brad through the hole.

stuck on you2-9stuck on you2-10

stuck on you2-12

That’s it!  You’re cute little Washi Tape Heart Valentine is all done.

Have you made all of your Valentines?  I still have a few Warhead Make Love not War Valentines to finish up!

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