Coffee Filter Heart Wreath

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Well, I’ve never decorated for Valentines day… So this is Coffee Filter Heart Wreath is truly a first, my Bold ones!

I have a friend named Erin that used to blog.  She had to stop so she could take care of one of her boys, but she was the QUEEN of Coffee Filter Wreaths.

She guest posted on my bold a long time ago and made this beautiful wreath, which she dubbed “Shades of the Bold Abode”.

Ever since, I wanted to make my very own.

So, after two years of procrastinating, I finally did.

And let me just say… it was worth every blessed hour…

Learn  how to make this gorgeous Coffee Filter Heart Wreath from  It's the most beautiful wreath I've ever seen!

Every spent glue-stick…

How pretty is this Coffee Filter Heart Wreath?  What a gorgeous way to celebrate Valentine's Day!

And every burnt finger…

How pretty is this Coffee Filter Heart Wreath?  What a gorgeous way to celebrate Valentine's Day!
And I’m not going to tell anyone how I made this.  It’s MINE. ALL MINE!


Oh, gosh… I’m totally kidding.

How to Make a Coffee Filter Heart Wreath

 How to dye your filters

How to Make Coffee Filter Flowers

How to Make a Heart Shaped Wreath Form and put it together

P.S.  It won’t be staying on the front door… for obvious reasons.  I’m working on a Valentine Mantel. Shocker, I know.  But I’ve got some other stuff to put together before I add the wreath.

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  1. I don’t decorate for Valentine’s Day but your wreath is going to change that. Absolutely gorgeous! Pinning!

  2. Oh come on! Your not going to tell me how to make it?!gee whiz!!!

  3. Gwen,

    Beautiful Darling , Good Job! Can’t wait to make one of my own with my girl…. coffee filters who would of thought
    really! stunning! please and thank-you…reply….Rhonda:)

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