Glitter Dot Wall Art

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Here we go again with the glitter…

This time, I’m not actually glittering anything with actual microscopic sparkly squares.  I’m using some pre-fab glitter for this quick and easy DIY Wall Art.

Learn how to make this Glitter Dot Wall Art, a quick and easy craft from

It’s really more like fish scales, but I prefer Glitter Dot Wall Art.  I’m not a huge fan of fish… unless they are grilled on a cedar plank.

For this project, you’ll need:

  • 3-4 pages of Glitter Paper
  • 2″ Craft Punch
  • 1 12×12 Canvas
  • Glue
  • Washi Tape

How to make this Glitter Dot Wall Art

First, punch a gazillion circles.  Or at least as many as you can from your paper.

glitter dot wall art-7


Gluing the Dots

Before I started gluing, I laid some dots out across the canvas just to get an idea of how many to put across it.  That thinking ahead thing really does wonders.  I should totally do it more often.

glitter dot wall art-6

Then coat a portion of your canvas with glue. And no, I’m not sniffing rubber cement.

glitter dot wall art-8

It’s actually Elmer’s No-wrinkle Dual Tip Glue Pen. Here’s my Amazon affiliate link for easy online ordering:

Then place your dots across the canvas and press down so the glue grabs hold.

glitter dot wall art-9

Make sure when you do the second row, you alternate the dots as shown above.  You don’t want a dot on top of a dot.  You want them to alternate.  Does that make sense?  I couldn’t think of the right word to use.  Is there a word to describe it?  My brain is empty right now.

Continue gluing the dots on until the entire canvas is covered.

glitter dot wall art-10

Tada!glitter dot wall art-11

Now it’s time to trim.

Turn your canvas over, and using scissors or a box cutter like I did, trim the edges.

glitter dot wall art

That dern box cutter has disappeared, by the way.  It must have taken off hand in hand with the nail clippers to the beach for a vacation because it’s nowhere in this house.

Once you’ve trimmed all 4 sides, it’s time to finish it up.

Edging with Washi Tape

This is my secret weapon for all my art.  I love to use Washi Tape to edge it.

Just wrap the tape around the canvas for a colorful pop.

glitter dot wall art-2

Isn’t that so fun?

You can really see the effect when you look at it from an angle.  That’s a good way to look at life, too.

glitter dot wall art-4

What do you think?  Isn’t it just smashing?  {can you tell that I need some affirmation?}

glitter dot wall art-3

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