DIY Popsicle Stick Glitter Earrings

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Popsicle sticks are good for so much more that just frosty treats. {though popsicles are pretty much the epic summer treat, eh?}

They are perfect for stirring small tubs of craft paint and for DIY jewelry.  Yes.  LOVE IT.

Make these gorgeous Popsicle Stick Glitter Earrings with Gwen from You'll never look at popsicle sticks the same way again!

How to make Popsicle Stick Glitter Earrings

Here’s the list of what you’ll need: {along with some amazing affiliate links for easy online ordering!}

First, you’ll need to cut some squares from your Jumbo Popsicle Sticks.

popsicle stick glitter earrings

Be sure to find sticks that feel really sturdy, or you’ll end up with split squares. Split squares totally make life a three-inch thick mud pie.

popsicle stick glitter earrings-2

But don’t worry.  When you find the right stick, all is well. Weller than tinkly bells.

popsicle stick glitter earrings-3

I mean, look at those two beauties at the bottom of that picture up there.  Popsicle Stick Hall of Fame. They totally lose all popsicle skin and become these little squares of natural delight.

Now we have to drill some holes.  This is why you need to cut more than two squares. Cut four or five. Just in case you have some breakage.

However, we’re going to try and minimize any of that by wrapping the square all up in some tape.  I used teal Washi Tape because I’m a blogger. Non-crazy people who don’t blog can use regular old masking tape. This just helps to keep the wood from splitting.

popsicle stick glitter earrings-4

Isn’t that natural light pouring in above just divine?

popsicle stick glitter earrings-6

I just eyed where to drill. My pupils are still functioning pretty well, so it worked out.

popsicle stick glitter earrings-5



{dance party, party ensues}

Mark where you want your glitter to go.  You can go the full-monty or just the bottom portion like I did.

popsicle stick glitter earrings-7

Read this post to learn how to make that glitter stay on.

popsicle stick glitter earrings-8

Add your jump rings and hoops to complete this life-transformative DIY. {I say DIY because this feels like so much more than just a silly, little craft. These earrings deserve more.}

popsicle stick glitter earrings-9

Oh, the Songs of Solomon.

popsicle stick glitter earrings-11

popsicle stick glitter earrings-10

Will you ever be able look at popsicle sticks the same way again?

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