Chalkboard LOVE Canvases

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Need a little LOVE? Just make these super cute LOVE Chalkboard Canvases. In this post, Gwen also has a free printable so you can make your own letters!Do you LOVE Chalkboards?

In my Fun Hearts Garland Post, we totally established that I lOVE lots of things…

And here I am telling you that I LOVE Chalkboards, too!

I got some canvases before Christmas to make a fun project {that never happened..sigh}, so I decide I NEEDED some Chalkboard LOVE Canvases for my Valentine Mantel.

You might need some food and water and atmoshpere, but I need chalkboards. There. I said it.

{I also need to pay the tax man… unfortunately!}

Annnnnnnyhooooo, I do love these little guys…

I had some Chalkboard Paint leftover from my Chalkboard Tags, so I just used the rest of it to paint 4 canvases.

LOVE Chalkboards-15

And Paint them I did.

It took 3 solid coats to get the white completely covered.

LOVE Chalkboards


Next, I cured it with some chalk by rubbing a stick over the entire surface of the canvas.

LOVE Chalkboards-3

I could have used an actual eraser to wipe off the chalk, but I prefer sock puppets instead…

Hello, says Linty, the sock puppet


LOVE Chalkboards-4

Sock Puppet to the rescue… wiping away the chalk dust.

LOVE Chalkboards-5


To draw the letters on the Canvases, I printed out some giant letters.

{I made a pdf for you. The download link is at the end of the post-io.}

LOVE Chalkboards-9

To make the transfer, turn the printed letter over and rub chalk on the back.

LOVE Chalkboards-7

Then place your letter where you want it and trace the outline of the letter.

LOVE Chalkboards-10


When you lift the paper, you’ll see a faint chalk line.

LOVE Chalkboards-11

Just trace that line with the actual chalk.

LOVE Chalkboards-12


I added some embellishments, cuz that’s just how I roll, yo.

Here are all the canvases before I hung them above the mantel.

LOVE Chalkboards-14

Yes… LOVE them!

I have them all hung up now, and I can’t wait to show them to you with my Gorgeous Coffee Filter Heart Wreath and stuff.  It’s the first ever mantel I’ve ever really done besides a generic one and a Christmas one.

Oh, before I forget, you can pop over to the Chalkboard LOVE Printable to download it and make your own Chalkboard LOVE Canvases!

Stay tuned for more Valentines, baby!!!

Need a little LOVE? Just make these super cute LOVE Chalkboard Canvases. In this post, Gwen also has a free printable so you can make your own letters!


Pin me for later say the LOVE Canvas Chalkboards…

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  1. super cute and i love that you can reuse! you can write other four letter words on them. like bold. i was definitely thinking bold.

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