Washi Tape Coke Bottle Bud Vase {a quick and easy craft!}

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When I was making this gorgeous $5 bouquet the other day, one of the stems broke off….darn it!

I figured I’d have to keep it for myself.  Hate when that happens… like when those three cookies break, and you have to sacrifice for the good of all mankind and put them in your belly?

Yeah.  Like that.

How sweet is this Washi Tape Coke Bottle Bud Vase?  And super easy to make!!!  from theboldabode.com

But I looked all over the blasted house and couldn’t find a single bud vase.  I guess I could have used this one, but it’s not really made to have water in it.

However, I did find a couple of extra glass coke bottles stashed in the kitchen {for such a time as this}.

This pretty little thing is sure to go viral, right?  And really, it’s all up to you… You can be a part of something amazing and help it go viral by pinning the image above… the pinnable one that I take ten extra minutes to make on every post?  That’s a required part of being a creative blogger, did you know that?  Like, totally blogging 101. Fer realz.

Annnnyway, all you need is an empty, glass coke bottle, some Washi Tape, a few glass marbles and a beautiful hot pink carnation.  {or whatever color lights your spark}

Here’s how to make Washi Tape Coke Bottle Bud Vase:

simple bud vase from a glass coke bottle

First, wash and thoroughly dry your bottle.

Then take your Washi Tape and cover the red logo area.

simple bud vase from a glass coke bottle-2

I found that doing one row at a time and tearing it off works best. Otherwise, you get some serious buckling when you twirl the tape around.

simple bud vase from a glass coke bottle-3

You’re going to have a little of that just because of the shape of the bottle.

simple bud vase from a glass coke bottle-4

You  might need to do more than one layer depending on the tape. Mine was a bit translucent, so I did about three layers.

simple bud vase from a glass coke bottle-5

When you’re happy with how the tape covers, plop in your glass marbles.

You really don’t have to do this step, but my flower was too short, and I needed them. Plus, they have the added benefit of being super pretty.

simple bud vase from a glass coke bottle-6

Me like pretty.

simple bud vase from a glass coke bottle-8

coke bottle bud vase

simple bud vase from a glass coke bottle-10

Having a girly party?  I could totally see these all over the place.  Couldn’t you?

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