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As the snow falls, the work continues!  Or at least it tries amidst the hungry tummies and wet snow boots and cold fingers needing extra mini-marshmallows to top off their hottest of hot chocolates.

But what I’m really here to say today is that the framing of the Gold Foil Printables is complete!  Actually, it’s been complete for about three months, but you’d never know that I was so behind in posting if I weren’t being such a transparently honest blogger.  {and while I’m being so forthcoming, I have clothes piled up on the breakfast table and a very, very dirty shower in the master bathroom. So now you know how very, very real I am.  }

But, these printables are hung {in Ikea Ribba frames} and they make me smile.

Need some inexpensive but beautiful wall decor?  Grab these 3 Gold Foil Frame-able Printables and create a beautiful and inspired mini-gallery!

I think they are pretty awesome, but it would really help my ego if you’d leave a comment and let me know if you think they are awesome, too. {ihonestlydon’tthinkyouknowhowmuchyourcommentsmeantome}

I put my whole heart into making these.

Gold Foil Geometric Heart

framed fold foil printables-2

I wanted to share my love with you… with the world.

Love Always, Always Wins

framed fold foil printables-3

And encourage us all to climb all over those mountains that get in our way and try to keep us from our right and true paths.

Gold Foil Climb Every Mountain Printable

framed fold foil printables-4

They are a mighty force when put together.  Even the sun’s rays cannot dim their messages.

framed fold foil printables-5

I say, Surround ourselves with nothing but bright and positive messages.

It really does the soul good.

Am I right?

For more neato printables, just visit my Printables Gallery!



Sharing this project at Tatertots and Jello along with these wonderful parties.

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  1. Wow, I love your art work. I have 2 that I just finished up and I used gold as well. I am loving the gold tones right now. LOL. lovely project.

  2. I love/adore and want/NEED the climb every mountain one. That is by far my favorite. So simple but evoking so much! (Fond memories of “The Sound of Music” here too.) I also really dig the geometric heart because I used to teach Geometry and the third one is sweet too. Great work.

    1. Thank you, PJ! That’s exactly why I made it… fond memories! I hope you grabbed it!

  3. Gwen, these are so beautiful. I’d love to download them but I can’t (must be having a mind blank) 🙂

    1. Thank you, Christine!

      If you login to your account, you can go to the Download Area and find them all there! Have you create a free account yet? If not, just go here and do so:

      Once you are logged in, you can also go to each printable’s link on this page and download directly from that page.

      Let me know if you are able to get them downloaded or not!


  4. Okay, I just found you on Pinterest. I am lying here in agony waiting NOT so patiently to have another spinal fusion. I came across your blog and let me tell you, it is so awesome…funny, creative and instructive, so much so that it distracted me from my pain for a bit. I LOVE this blog. (I’m a fellow DIYer that, sadly, can’t DIY right now, but oh the inspiration I’m getting from your blog for the minute I can walk to my hot glue gun without pain!) Not to go all Single White Female on you, but you would make perfect BFF material! Please keep it up, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the New Year!


    1. Thank you so much, Lisa! I hope everything went well and that your pain level is down! I’m so glad I could help in some small way.



  5. ok I love this idea, very cost effective. but my concern is once I download the prints, where is the best or most cost effective way to print them? Please help I have tons of prints downloaded I’m having a gold attack, but if I take them to office Depot or a.pront shop, won’t they charge an arm and a leg to print the gold?

    1. I just print them on my computer, Dominique. IT’s not real gold foil, but it has the appearance.



      1. How do you get the “gold” color? I can’t believe this was done with just a home printer!!! what did you use? how did you use it? certain program? Love these!!

        1. I just have an old Hp Photosmart printer! Easy peasy! Just print the pdf.



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