Sonic Style Fruit Slushie

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Guess what?

All of our Sonics went out of business.


Well, we didn’t go all that much anyway because I gave up Diet Soda almost two years ago.  But we do miss the slushies.  They were the best in the west when you’re wearing a vest.

So, I had to figure out how to make them at home.  Can’t go without our icy treats, now can we?

Need a slushie fix?  Learn the secret to a Sonic Style fruit slushie!


How to make a Sonic Style Fruit Slushie

First, you need some juice.  I like to juice mine in my juicer, but all natural store-bought juice works just as well.

apple juice smoothie

But, to the ice really fine… I have a sneaky secret. And that secret is my Ninja.

I love, love, love this thing.  I make my breakfast shakes with it and it’s awesome.  Want to check it out?  Here’s my Amazon affiliate link for your perusing pleasure.

You have to get one that comes with the single serving containers. That’s why this grinds the ice so fine! It’s so amazing…like it came out of a slushie machine at the corner fuel pump.

Fill your container almost full with ice and then pour the juice over it untill it reaches the fill line.

apple juice smoothie-2

apple juice smoothie-3Then pop on the top…

apple juice smoothie-5and whir away!apple juice smoothie-6

It’s such an easy and wholesome treat for any time of the year.

apple juice smoothie-8

Summer, here I come!

apple juice smoothie-7

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