Tips for Installing an Under the Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

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For a few years, my paper towels were homeless.  It was a depressing situation.  They were shuffled from one home to the next without any thought or purpose.

It drove me to the brink of four padded walls and a constant need to count the tiles on my kitchen backsplash.

Installing an Under the Cabinet Paper Towel Holder.  If you have homeless paper towels, this is a MUST read!

Habitat for Homeless Paper Towels finally came through.  Enter the under-the-counter paper towel holder.

But I couldn’t just install this willy-nilly.  Either the trim on my cabinets was too long or the arm of the holder was too short.  Womp.

But that’s an easy enough fix for any person that owns a drill and some scrap wood, i.e. me and, hopefully, you.

Installing an Under the Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Make sure you have screws that are long enough, because you will be screwing through the extra depth.

install a paper towel holder-2


First, mark where you want your holder to screw in under your cabinets.

Pre drill holes if needed.  Don’t go all the way through.  It’s not the end of the world if you do, but it’s better if you don’t… aesthetically speaking.

install a paper towel holder-9

Next, cut your scrap wood so that it the length of the bar on your holder.

Then, mark your holes on the scrap of wood and pre-drill all the way through.

install a paper towel holder-4

Attach the holder to the scrap wood.

Drive your screws all the way through the scrap wood so the ends stick out the other side.  This will help you find the holes you pre-drilled underneath your cabinet.

install a paper towel holder-5

Finally, attach the holder to the bottom of your cabinet.

install a paper towel holder-7

You can see {if you look reeeeealy closely where one screw almost went through.  It didn’t, so I rock.  Sort-of.

install a paper towel holder-6

The paper towels are so very happy now that they have permanent shelter. They tell me so every day.  It’s awesome.

install a paper towel holder-8

Do you have some homeless paper towels?

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