Chocolate Cake Heart Pancakes

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Sometimes, a pancake just isn’t enough.  I mean, pancakes are good all on their lonesome, but there are those days when life calls for some Chocolate Cake Heart Pancakes.

Like, Valentines… or Anniversaries… or Saturdays.

Any day can be a Chocolate Cake Heart Pancake day, right?

Chocolate Cake Heart Pancakes:  These are great to make for any special occasion... Valentines, Anniversaries, Saturdays.This is a simple tip.


Just replace a half of the flour in your regular pancake recipe with Chocolate Cake Mix.

I use a gluten-free version from Bob’s Red Mill.  Here’s my Amazon affiliate link for easy online ordering.

It’s so good.

chocolate heart pancakes

To make the hearts, just spoon your batter into a plastic bag and cut the tip off.

chocolate heart pancakes-5

Then pipe hearts onto your griddle.

chocolate heart pancakes-3

Sing a song while your pancakes cook.  Something like Iiiiiiii will always love Yoooooooooou…  If the smell of chocolate cake pancakes doesn’t wake people up, then that will.

chocolate heart pancakes-4

You can slather them with syrup.

chocolate heart pancakes-6

Or just eat them with a huge pat of butter like I do.

chocolate heart pancakes-8

Either way, they’ll make you blink your lashes in amazement.

So, is today a Chocolate Cake Pancake Day?  Or maybe tomorrow?

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