Mini Heart Piñatas: A Fun Valentine Treat!

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I love my boys.  And this year, I wanted to do something more than just the regular, old, 4 chocolate, don’t-know-what’s-inside, candy-in-a-box for them this year.

When I saw these little guys, I knew what I had to do.

Make Valentine's Day special with these Mini Heart Pinjatas. Easy to make and fun to fill. See how to make them in this post.

Oh, my gosh! They are totally worth the time to make them. Are they not adorable?

How to Make Mini Heart Piñatas

First you need to cut out your hearts. I used my Cricut because it’s awesome. <= Amazon affiliate link if you want to check it out!

cutting with the cricut

I had a few goes at it to get the best size. It’s how I ended up with one large heart and two smaller ones.

cut out the hearts

Then I made strips with little tabs on them, but in the end, this wasn’t really necessary.  So if you are cutting by hand, just cut straight strips. It’s totally fine.

Cut out the strips with the cricut

Now it’s time to assemble your piñatas. First, I tried hot glue.  I thought this would be easier.  I thought a lot of things. I was wrong.

It’s way easier to just tape them.  So, heed my warning and save your fingers the pain. Oh, the pain!

mini heart piñatas-15

mini heart piñatas-16

mini heart piñatas-17

When both sides are taped, it’s time to start layering your fringe. Watch the video in this post to see my ridiculously quick and easy method for making your tissue paper fringe.

I found it best to trim as I went. So, I did.

mini heart piñatas-18

mini heart piñatas-19

When you get to the last layer, you might have to glue the top layer down so it doesn’t tear off.

mini heart piñatas-20

mini heart piñatas-21

mini heart piñatas-22

Turn the heart over, and repeat the fringing process.

mini heart piñatas-23

Cut a little flap in the bottom if you want this to be a candy-holding-device and not just a pretty heart.

mini heart piñatas-24

Instead of fringing the strip, I covered it in Washi Tape.  I think it’s super cute.

mini heart piñatas-25

Sweetart hearts are filling the room with such a delicously sweet-tart smell.  It’s just delightful.

Mini heart piñatas, all in a row

I think my boys are going to totally dig these.  Do you?

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  1. These are too cute! You did a great job putting them together. I think I’d like one of these rather than a heart shaped mystery chocolate box too, especially when I have food allergies.

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