How to Gold Leaf Concrete Planters

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I couldn’t do it.

I couldn’t leave these planters white.

It’s just not in my crazy, fun-loving, bling-bling dna.

And in the fun-loving, crazy, bling-bling adventurous-ness that I choose to live in, I went with gold leaf.

How to Gold Leaf Concrete Planters: Yes, You Can!

And as it turns out… yes. You can gold leaf concrete.  And even though I’m most definitely-probably  not the first person to figure it out, it kinda feels like I am.

So, I’ll just live in sweet ignorance.

Here’s how to gold leaf concrete planters:

First, wipe the concrete down. Clean it good.  Or you’ll wish for three seasons you had.

gold leaf concrete

Next,  you’ll need some gilding adhesive and some gold leaf.

gold leaf concrete-5

Simply apply the adhesive in a thin coat over where you’d like the gold foil to stick.

gold leaf concrete-3

Let it sit for a few minutes until it turns sticky.

Then, take a sheet of gold foil and press it onto the sticky area.

gold leaf concrete-6

And guess what?

It will stick. Super cool.

gold leaf concrete-7

I can hear you.  You’re saying,

Huh, Gwen. That doesn’t look so stellar.  It kinda looks like you let your big-shot lab take a crack at gold leaf day and he forgot to use his paws.

We’re not done.  Not yet. Or I’d cry, too.  It’s kind of ugly.

After a couple of hours, you need to take a soft bristled brush and sweep off the extra leaf that’s not on the sticky part.

gold leaf concrete-10

You can brush fairly confidently.  If you’ve done your part, that gold leaf is married for life to that concrete planter.

gold leaf concrete-11

Ahhhh… so much better.

Now I can sleep knowing my porch has some bling.

Have you ever gold leafed anything… I’ll be honest, this was my first time!

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  1. I love the way this turned out Gwen! I agree a little gold leaf outside is right up my ally. I’ve never gold leaved anything, but I certainly have plans to now! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  2. Why yes, I have gold leafed quite a bit. And silver leafed. But I want to use some of the foils like you have. I think they might be easier. I not certain that I can live without a gold leafed concrete planter now though…

    1. Haha! I did like those little sheets. Now I want to gold leaf the entire porch, but that might be just a bit too much!

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