Mini Banana Oven Smores

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Inside: A sweet and easy Banana Oven Smores treat!  Make these for a delightfully, mostly healthy snack.

I had you at Smore’s, right?

Oh, the bliss of banana, marshmallow and chocolate! Easy-peasy baked smores. Yum.

Mini Banana Oven Smores are the perfect snack for when your gluten-free self is craving a chocolatey, marshmallowy snack!

How to make these Banana Smore’s in the Oven!

All you need are some bananas, mini-marshmallows, and chocolate drops.


First, take two bananas and cut them into 1″ chunks.

Set them out on a baking sheet covered in parchment paper.


Pop a mini-marshmallow on top of each chunk.


Set the oven on low broil and pop the cookie sheet in the oven.

No timing here… just watch them until they start to puff up and turn just slightly toasty brown.


See?  Just ever so slightly brown.


Then pop a drop of chocolate on top of the mini-marshmallow.


Then, pop them back in the oven and watch them until the chocolate drop starts to get nice and relaxed.

Like it’s sitting on the bananas only beach and sippin’ a fruity, pink drink in a freshly harvested coconut shell.


Then, serve to your hungry crew.


Be prepared for a hug or two.

That’s all I can say.

Would you like to go to a bananas only beach with me sometime?  I bet it would be fun.

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