8 Painted Pianos that will Make You Say, “Where’s My Paintbrush?”

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8 Painted Pianos that make you say, Where's my Paintbrush?I have a love for painted pianos that borders on unhealthy…

If I could, I’d have one in every room.  They make me smile.

But a piano in every room might make people think I’m werido and, baby we can’t have that now, can we?

{oh, hush now.  I know what you’re thinking.  I’m already weird. Can we move on, now?  K?  Thanks…}

So, I’m limited by society and my husband to having only one… this Pear Green Piano one below:

pear green piano


Not convinced?  What about a gorgeous light teal one like this one from Sweet Pickens Furniture?

I think I’d put this one in my bathroom to cheer me up every  morning.

Then the cat could jump on top of it instead of my vanity.  Kitty litter in my toothbrush is kinda grody, kwim?

Sweet Pickins Furniture

Or how about a fiery red one like this piano from Lady Bird Lane?

This one should go in my garage to distract me from the sawdust and leaf piles that keep accumulating and I keep ignoring.

Surely they can pick up after themselves, right?  How uncivilized…

Lady Bird Ln Red Piano

Or perhaps a bright, fun blue piano like the one below that lives in a really cool Bohemian Apartment?

This one could go on my side porch.  Then if I could learn to play it, we could sit around singing old Sonny and Cher songs while sipping Margaritas…

Wouldn’t that be a fun summer night?

Bohemian Apartment Piano

Don’t want to go as bright as my green piano, perhaps this one by Suzy would be more your taste…  I could pop this in my kitchen.  

It would look great next to the dog bowl.  I might have to find my shrink ray gun, though, because this one looks like one hefty guy.

Saved by Suzy

This yellow piano from A Little Bit of Sunshine’s,  would be a fun option… you are my sunshine and all that stuff…

I could totally see this in the Office next to those HOT walls?  I’d have to find my sunglasses, though.

Life Made Lovely

And if I just CAN’T convince you to paint it in color, you can always opt for white like Centsational girl did.

This one could go in my bedroom.

I like soft and sweet there because I need it to be a reflection of me.

I’m so sweet.  Ask my children.  {or don’t because they might tell the truth and say how mean I am and how I make them wash their own clothes.  Horrible, I know…perish the thought…}


But if you are reeeeeally looking for funk and groove, get busy, baby!

All I would need is a funky hat and gold tooth like Dr. Teeth.

Shake your groove thang, my Bold Ones!


If you have an ugly brown piano, would you consider painting it?




I say, be bold…

but I always say that, yo.


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    1. It is a fun way to add color, isn’t it?

      That blue one with the blue wall is super cool, I think!

    1. Would you? What color? There’s a comment after you that is totally not a fan of painted pianos! I love painted pianos so much, that it never even occurred to me someone might not agree… I guess I live in my little own bubble!

  1. As a classically trained pianist, and antique hunter, my heart sinks, and i see hours of stripping and refinishing ahead for the future owner when all the gorgeous wood grain pianos and furniture, that have been slapped with colored paint, are rediscovered. This era will be known to future humans as the “shabby-chic-it and ruin that gorgeous crafted wood grain” era. I adore an antique, beautiful wood grain piano. My heart sank at the sight of the turquoise one.. those styles usually have AMAZING wood grain and beautiful craftmanship. if you really do have an “ugly” wood piano (I saw one at Goodwill once – it was shredded), and you do this, please know you MAY have a very difficult time selling it (and your relatives may curse you in the future for all the time they spend stripping that awful orange paint off). although i do admit to LOVING the last one. Like, ADORING the last one. It is truly a 60’s psychedelic trippy dream. Paul McCartney would even love that one. He has one that is just a wondrous. Please humans, only paint pianos that are so horrid and messed up that paint could only improve it.

    1. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, and I grant you that. As a classically trained Opera singer that has a love of classically trained piano music, I still believe that you should do what you want with your old piano, regardless.

      If it’s one of Wagner’s pianos, and you know this and have proof, then perhaps, you should preserve it.

      But worn out, old, 1970’s laminate pianos are fine to paint in my opinion. What makes something valuable is a person’s own appreciation of it. I adore my piano now that it is painted and nothing anyone can say can take that away from me. Before I painted it, I hated it. I wanted to hide it. It was ugly and just in the way.

      I also think it’s a tragedy to live our lives on the off chance of someone having to refinish something somewhere down the road. Do what you want with what you own. Living to please others is the tragedy… not painting some piece of wood that eventually will end up as dust anyway is not.

      I appreciate your candor and your visit. This is an often discussed issue, but I think we just sometimes have to agree to disagree.

      1. My thoughts exactly, Jocie!

        A couple of weeks ago, I went to 7 different thrift shops looking for a console table…My eyes kept going towards the old pianos…Every piano I saw, I pictured painted in teal, gray or white…. Sigh! I had to stop myself and focus on that console table. I had a beautiful german piano when I was a kid, and life took so many turns, we ended up leaving it behind, overseas at my cousins’ house. It broke my heart, but I never seem to have enough savings to bring it home.

        Anyway, one day I will buy my thrift piano and paint it too!

        THANK YOU for this post Gwen…. I’m truly inspired. I’ll be back one day with an update 🙂

  2. It takes so much guts to paint a piano, but I LOVE it!! Maybe one day I’ll get up the nerve….well and get a piano.

    1. Ha! Yes, having a piano is an important part of painting it!

      But I LOVE them and think it’s totally worth it!

  3. I think painted pianos are darling and happy…who wouldn’t want to sit down and play a happy tune on these? I know that I would have had a lot more fun playing a green piano as a child. I think I might have squealed with delight. My heart sank when I saw the “before” of the turquoise piano! It’s fabulous now.
    To each his own. Play that funky piano, white girl. 😉

    1. Me, tooo! I love painted pianos… And would that I freakin’ could, Tina… would that I could.

  4. So glad I found this! I’ve been piano hunting for a while to do exactly this and got a free piano yesterday. It is an older piano and now I’m questioning whether to paint or not to paint. I know older pianos that have value and painting them can decrease their value. How do I make the decision to clean it up to preserve it because it may be an antique or to paint it? I tried finding some way to appraise it online but came up with nothing. I don’t want to paint and then regret painting it and having to strip it. Any feedback would be appreciated!

  5. I see that most are upright pianos here that are painted. I have a baby grand that was given to me. It’s not one of those expensive brands obviously, it’s an ugly brown with water stains and fading in places. I wanted it because wanted my kids to learn piano and can’t afford to get one so was grateful this piano was given to me. I have been dying to repaint it but do you think it’s ‘too much’ to repaint a baby grand?

    1. I think that if it’s not an heirloom or super valuable and you want to paint it, go for it!

      It would be awesome, in my opinion!

    2. Liberace ( probably spelled that wrong) played a pink bejeweled baby grand, so I’d say you could paint yours any color you want. 🙂

  6. So….my question is about the technical aspects of painting a piano. What happens to the sound? Does it diminish the quality? Is it bad for the piano? Just afraid to jump into something that will ruin the quality of the instrument. Looks aside, what matters more to me is the music…Any advice on this issue?

  7. I love the painted pianos, but my kids and I play our piano, which is the one I had as a kid. The finish is in good condition, but it’s had small bumps and bruises from moving cross country. I can’t imagine committing to one color to live with for the next several years. This brown piano has worked in a wide variety of decorating schemes, but if I paint it aqua or yellow I will suddenly limit it, and instead of it always being a neutral, it will be a major player in the color scheme. My tastes change too much for that. I’m going to admire these lovelies from afar. I also don’t want to risk damaging my piano out of clumsiness while painting. (I love that they added those details to that aqua upright. It was a piano that paint could only improve.)

  8. Ok, if you want to go way out on the edge, look up “converting a piano to a desk.” This is for salvage pianos that are beyond hope, but for those who love the cabinetry and style. The imagination and craftsmanship is astounding.

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