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Halloween Cake Pops

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Looking for some super cute halloween cake pops to make for your spooky get together?

I have to stay that recently I’ve been obsessed with cake pops. I love the blueberry scones at Starbucks but a couple of weeks ago, I tried their birthday cake cake pop for the first time.

It was so moist and delicious…but EXPENSIVE.

So when something is expensive, I always try to make it. So, for Halloween, making cake pops seems like a no-brainer!

Fortunately, my friends are reallllly good at it, so I turned to them for some ideas! Whether you want something cute, like a traditional pumpkin, or something creepy, like an eyeball, I’m sure you’ll find some great ideas here in this list.

I love every single one of these adorable designs, and I know they would be great for sharing this Halloween!

First, let’s grab some supplies from Amazon before we get started!

8 super cute Halloween Cake Pops

How stinkin’ adorable are those Mummy Cake pops?

I love the poison apple ones too. Just so creative!

Do you have any other ideas for some cute Halloween Cake Pops? How about some spider webs or witch hats?

The possibilities are spookily endless!



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